Chicago! Known as the Windy City. It was a beauty. There’s so much sightseeing to do and you just need a few days.

My last blog was just about Chicago’s Navy Pier. This blog will be all about the various things that you can do in Chicago.

Let me start by saying get tickets for the Big Bus hop on and hop off bus. There are many different ways to get the bus. You can get a day pass, 2 day pass or even a 3 day pass. We got the day pass but a 2 day pass is worth it. You will learn a lot of history about Chicago and also get driven to all the main attractions in Chicago. It was worth every penny for this bus.  We got to see Chicago and learn at the same time. The buses run until 7 but make sure that you check which stop you are at because certain stops end earlier.  I know that the last stop for the Skydeck is 5:15pm. Make sure that you plan accordingly.

360 Chicago is a skyscraper that allows you to see Chicago’s skyline from the top. It was not busy but we also went later morning. We were able to view all of Chicago from the top. They have a special attraction at 360 called the Tilt.  You stand holding on to the glass and it tilts 30 degrees.  It was cool to do.

Next stop was Millienum Park to see the bean. When I think of Chicago, I think the bean. Everyone goes to see this bean which is art but amazing.


Another to do in Chicago was the Shedd Aquarium. This Aquarium was enough for my boys to enjoy. There was a lot of art of various sea creatures made from recycled materials. It was very cool to see. There were various creatures from the local lakes.

One of the last places that we went to was the Skydeck. There of course was a longer wait. Everyone wants to come and see Chicago this way.  The Skydeck is glass that extends outward and you get to see the city below you. We wanted to go at around 2 o’clock but there was a 3 hour wait for it. We went again later in the day at around 6 and we waited about 30 minutes to get to the Skydeck.  It was worth it. It gets crowded so if you are not a fan of crowds go really early when they open at 9am or after 6pm. They close at 10 pm.


We did all these attractions in one day.

Happy traveling!!!


Chicago’s Navy Pier

Traveling is great because you get to experience something new and different.  It’s great to have a change of scenery.  This summer, my family and I will be traveling a lot because we are able to.  Last summer I was pregnant with my second son and it was hard to travel.

Our first trip this summer was Chicago.   First stop: Navy Pier. It was beautiful.  There is a lot to do at the pier.   There is so much to eat at the pier.  You can have whatever you want: Bubba Gump, Margaretville, Ben & Jerry’s and so many other places.


We walked around Navy Pier and stopped by Crystal Gardens.  It was beautiful.  The trees and plants were beautiful.   There was water turned into art.  My son loved coming to the gardens and just watching the water.  Crystal Gardens leads you to the Pier Park which has rides to go on. Some of the rides that you can go on are the Swinger, Carousel, Climbing walls and the main attraction the Centennial Wheel.  The Centennial Wheel allows you to see Chicago’s skyline from 200ft up  in the air.   You sit in gondola’s that take up and around.  It was beautiful.


Also at the Navy Pier, you can go and catch a cruise.  One of the cruises that we took was the Shoreline Architecture River Cruise which was a 75 minute boat ride around the Chicago river.   It was very relaxing and we learned a lot about the architecture of Chicago.  We saw many rivers, bridges and buildings that shape the beautiful city.

There was something interesting to me when we were at Navy Pier was that if you are under the age of 18 you need an adult to come with you.  I think that is because there is drinking allowed on the pier.  You can pick a to go drink at one of the restaurants and just take a walk. I definitely recommend visiting the Navy Pier!


Happy Traveling!


Baby Food: Beets Puree

I love beets. As a child I used to eat them when my mom made them for us.  My husband never ate them.  I wanted to make sure that our boys eat them.  So I made my son beets puree.   He was not really a fan of it but he did eat them.   Here is how I made them.


  • 4 beets
  • cooking board
  • baby bullet
  • pot
  • water

Step 1: Peel the four beets.

Step 2: Cut into 2 inch pieces.

Step 3: Put water into the pot and place the beets inside.

Step 4: Bring water into a boil with beets inside and cook until they are soft.

Step 5:  Place the beets into baby bullet and puree it.

Making beets took a little longer than the fruit because fruit is softer.  But it was easy to make.

Happy Baby Food Making!!! 

Baby Food: Banana & Apple Puree

Here is another kind of baby puree that I have made my kids.   I always want them to have healthy food because buying food you don’t know what gets put into it.

I started with the apples.   

Step 1:  Peel and core the apples. (I peeled the apples because I made it with the peel once and it was hard for my son to eat.)

Step 2: Cut into 2 inch pieces.

Step 3:  Place apple pieces into a pot and fill with water.

Step 4: Let the apples boil and get soft.  About 10 minutes.

Step 5:  Place the apples into the Baby Bullet.  Puree the apples.  Add water if needed to make it softer. I used the same water that was used to boil the water because it still has the flavor of the apple in it.

Step 6: Place into a separate bowl.

Next I worked on the bananas. 

Step 1: Peel 2 bananas.

Step 2: Cut into 3 inch pieces.

Step 3: Place into Baby Bullet.

Step 4: Add some baby water. I use baby water because it filtered a different way.

Step 5: Puree the bananas.

Combine together.  I placed the pureed apples into the puree with the bananas and pureed it once more so that they would mix together.

I ended up getting 6 baby bullet jars and one baby bowl of baby puree.

It took me about 20 minutes to do all this.  It was quick and easy to make.  I used everything that I already had at home.

Happy baby making food!!!!! 

Baby Food: Pea Puree

Homemade food is the best for babies.  You make it and you know exactly what goes into it.  It’s important that your baby gets the best food and that is through being homemade.  This week I made pea puree as a first food for my son.  It was quick and easy and I made it under 15 minutes.   Below are the ingredients/materials and directions for 3 small jars of peas for trying and tasting.


  • frozen peas (1/2 a bag)
  • a quart size pot
  • water
  • baby bullet
  • baby bullet jars
  • slotted spoon


  1. Put 1/2 a bag of frozen peas into the quart size pot.
  2. Fill the pot with water up until the peas a covered a little bit.
  3. Cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Put it into your baby bullet using a slotted spoon to not get any water into the baby bullet.
  5. Blend and add some of the water that was used to boil the peas.
  6. Blend until it is a puree.
  7. Fill up the baby bullet jars with the peas puree.
  8. Store in the fridge for 3 days.

Hope your baby enjoys the pea puree.  Happy baby food making!

Baby Food: Banana Puree

I enjoy making my son homemade food. It is easy and quick to make. I also know what is going into the food and I know that it is healthy for him.   My last baby food blog was on how to make pear puree. This blog will be how to make banana puree.   I needed to make something right before I went to bed.  I saw that I had bananas and I read that bananas are a good first food.  All I needed was the banana and some baby water.  You can use breastmilk if you want instead of the water to make it thick. I used baby water for my banana puree. I, of course, used my baby bullet.


  1. One medium size banana (ripe)
  2. baby water


  1. Cut the banana into 2 inch pieces.  I started with 3 pieces first.
  2. Place 3 pieces into baby bullet or blender.
  3. Liquidity the banana and add water to help blend it together.
  4. Add the rest of the banana pieces.
  5. Pour into storage containers.
  6. Place in the refrigerator.

It took me under 10 minutes to make. It was quick and easy to make and my one medium size banana made 2 baby jars of food.  Happy baby food making!

Polish Easter Morning

One of my favorite times of year is when we have Easter morning.  I really enjoy Polish Easter morning. We get together as a family and just celebrate the great holiday together.  We start with saying a blessing using a hard boiled egg that was blessed the day before. (See post about Holy Saturday, Blessing of the Easter Basket)  Every takes a piece of the egg and we wish each other the best for the coming year with lots of health and others things that you wish people.

Then comes getting the soup dish ready.  We fast for two days (Good Friday and Holy Saturday), so Easter morning, we get to eat all the meats that we want.  There are different kinds of sausages that go into the soup.  One of my favorite sausages is the white sausage (biala kielbasa).  It gets boiled before you can eat it.  We also put bacon, ham and smoked kielbasa.  After cutting the sausages, you put a hard boiled egg cut up into the soup dish.   The last thing that goes into the soup dish is horseradish.  Once everyone has placed everything that they want into their soup dish, comes the best thing: white borscht.

This is the best soup that you can have for the holidays. It is delicious and very filling.   Once everyone is done with their soup, we have salads.  My favorite salad is a vegetable salad that you eat with a piece of bread.

Last but not least comes the sweets.  We have of course a babka. This cake is placed in the Easter basket and blessed.  We also have mazurek which is a poppy cake.  I could eat the whole thing in one sitting.  These are the traditional Polish food during Easter morning.

Happy Easter!