Reading and communicating

I’m both an educator and first time parent. I have been around children since I was a little girl. Educating children is my career but most importantly it’s my passion. I feel that you can educate children no matter how young or old they are. There is so much to be taught and learned by many. I’m still learning and educating myself so that I can better my teaching practices.

One thing that as an educator I have noticed is that many parents do not communicate with their children. Today our children live in a technological world. There are iPhones, iPads, smart TVs, computers and so much more. Our children are exposed to technology from a very young age.  I think it is important to take time out of our day to talk with our children. Simple questions like: how was your day? What is something new that you learned in school? What would you like to do? (Other than watching television or playing video games). I feel that technology is hurting the new generation of children because they only know how to play video games or watch television.  My son is going to be 6 months old and I talk to him all the time.  When we I for walks around the neighborhood, I explain what we are seeing. I name many things for him. He might not know things day to day but he is hearing the vocabulary words that will allow him to use in the future. It is important to communicate and name things for children as young as 5 months old or even younger.  They need to know what are the names of things. Everything that we see, smell, touch, taste and hear have names. These names should be used and children should be exposed to these vocabulary words.  I also tell my son what I’m cooking, when I’m changing his diaper, these are all the kinds of things that I communicate to my son. It’s important to open our children’s eyes and teach them through the five senses.  I know that it is hard working full time and finding the time to communicate to our children but it’s possible. Even a few minutes a day will make a big difference. Our children have so many things to say and we might have the answers for them.

Another big and important part of a child’s life is reading. Children should know what a book is and how to hold one properly. I remember when I was pregnant I would read a few children’s books to my unborn son. This starts the love for books. I read at least 2 books a day to my son now. I noticed he enjoys listening to me read the books. He might not know or understand what I’m reading to him but my love for books will be projected on him.  As an educator I have my own personal library at home and I keep buying books for my son. We read the new books all the time.  I have noticed that my son will sit and listen to Eric Carle books. The reason may be because of all the colors that are bright. Another strategy for reading with your child is to tell them your own story or label what is the book. Name the characters and the setting of a book.  I have many students that do not know what a setting is. Whenever I’m out for a walk with my son I name the setting and where we are. It’s important for students and children to know where they are or where a story takes place. There are so many different things that you can talk to your child about. In a later blog I will give more strategies for reading with your child. I hope this inspires you to talk with your child and start a love for reading with them.




Gender Reveal Party

At 20 weeks of pregnancy you are able to find out the sex of the baby. We were excited to find out the sex of our baby.  We had a feeling that it might be a boy, so we wanted to know for sure.  Everyone that we know said that we were having a boy.  When I posted a photo of myself at 20 weeks, I asked people to predict what they thought the baby’s sex is. The majority of people said that we were having a girl. There’s a new trend of throwing a gender reveal party.  I didn’t want to get sucked in but I did. All of our friends asked if we were having a reveal party. It got me thinking that maybe I should.  So I went looking on Pinterest for ideas. There were many wonderful ideas but I wanted something different. Everyone was revealing the gender of the baby using confetti in a balloon or color balloons in a box.  Of course I’m a type of person who wants to be different.   I kept seeing pinata’s. I thought that was a great idea. So we bought a pinata that looked like a present and stuffed it with blue candy.

We had a candy bar with blue and pink candy as well.  I made a blue cake and placed blue and pink rubber ducks.  I also made cupcakes with frosting and blue or pink sprinkles.

My husband and I wore green.  We didn’t want to wear either blue or pink. Our guests were asked to wear pink or blue.   It was interesting to see what everyone was wearing. Everyone that came to our reveal party was wearing blue.  I guess they knew.


I hope this inspires you to create and have your own gender reveal party.

Baby bump photography

It’s been almost 6 months since I finished taking baby bump photos. I had a lot of fun taking these photos and watching my body change as I was growing my baby inside. I did my research and got ideas from Pinterest and I couldn’t wait each week to take a baby bump photo.  As I look back now on my baby bump photos, I reflect on the best thing that was growing inside. I had so much fun with my baby bump. There were a lot of things that I did. Some of them were: reading to the baby, walking to make sure I was moving around, talking to the baby, rubbing my tummy and bump as a way to connect to the baby.  My husband would touch my baby bump when the baby would move. Every little movement was amazing. It was amazing to feel this little human growing inside of me. He would sense when I was touching him and talking to him.  It was a way in which we communicated with one another. It amazing to me that my son was growing inside and I was able to start having a relationship with him.  Watching my baby bump was also just as amazing. It amazes me that my body was able to grow the way that it did. I took care of myself in many ways from the way that I would eat to daily walks.  I love looking at my baby bump photos because they reflect a time in my life that grew into the best gift that I received. My husband is my other gift. I don’t know what I would do without these two men in my life. I love them. I hope you are able to take your baby bump photos weekly and watch your baby grow. It’s amazing what happens to our bodies and how life grows. Some tips for taking baby bump photos:

  1. Take some when you are feeling great .  This might be in the morning.
  2. Get creative with what’s around you for example the holidays.
  3. Use a chalkboard in order to remember the weeks as they go by.
  4. When using a chalkboard get creative with what you write. It’s fun to look back and notice what was happening at certain times during your pregnancy.

Here are some weekly baby bump photos.

Second trimester:


Third trimester


Pregnancy announced

A year ago, we announced that we were pregnant to our family.  I still can’t believe that it’s been a year since we found out that we were expecting a baby. We went to the doctor first and made sure that everything was okay and that we were really pregnant.  After the doctors appointment we went to Hallmark and picked up two frames and two cards for the grandparents.  The doctor gave us sonogram pictures for both grandparents. I already knew how to announce our pregnancy to our parents. I’ve been planning it for years.   Each set of grandparents received a card that announced that they are going to be grandparents. Into the frame I placed the sonogram picture. The frame had a saying which said Tiny Miracle. We placed these items into a bag and gave it to our mothers.  For my parents, we asked if we could come over since we were in the area. My mother opened the frame first and her reaction was priceless because she asked right away when is the baby due. As a first time grandparent it was a different reaction because she’s very down to earth and just was very casual about it. My in-laws as well as husbands brother and uncles were invited for dinner on a Sunday. My sister in law was also pregnant with my second niece and she told us on New Year’s Day that they were expecting. I wanted to do something different when I announced to his family since this was the 3rd pregnancy for my husbands parents. After we ate, my husband gave his mother the frame and card in the bag. She opened the bag and was shocked and didn’t know if we were playing a game or a joke of her. She looked at me and I nodded my head that yes indeed it was what she was seeing. She screamed and so did my sister in law.  The whole family was just so excited. My husband uncle said that he knew that something was up because we never invite them over lol. I thought that was funny. This was my idea of annoucing our pregnancy to our family in a different way. Hope this inspires you with your pregnancy announcement to family.



Our son was baptized on Sunday, April 10. We had all the people that mean the world to us with us that day. From close friends to family.  We celebrated our son being introduced to the church. The church which we baptized our son was St.Hedwig’s.  We chose the church because  it was inspired by Polish people. The church also represents Poland from the priests to the decore inside.  My culture is very important to me and I wanted to share that with my family and friends by using this church for the baptism. It was a wonderful small ceremony that honored our son and welcome him to the Catholic Church.


Fashion tips:

I wore a spring dress- it had yellow flowers on twigs. My husband wore a gray shirt with a yellow tie to match me.  See the photo below.