Christmas Ornaments Gift Favors

We had our second son’s baptism in December.  I was thinking of favors to create for our guests that were coming to celebrate our son.   I searched Pinterest (my go to place for ideas) and found many different and nice ideas.  My favorite idea was Christmas ornaments.   My husband and I got married in December of 2015 and we had hot chocolate in bags with mugs as favors.  This time I thought having Christmas ornaments with hot chocolate was a great idea because it kinda went along with our wedding favor.  I wanted to make a connection.

So my Christmas ornaments hot chocolate favors was what I created.  My husband and I picked up plastic ornaments from the dollar store. We also picked up some hot chocolate  and sprinkles.  I also ordered dehydrated marshmallows on Amazon.

My husband and I got to work.   We filled the ornaments with hot chocolate, sprinkles and then dehydrated marshmallows.    I created tags with the event name and date.   It took about 2 hours to make all together. It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed them.   Here are a few photos to inspire you.   If you would like for me to create some for your special event, please contact me through here and I will give you a price.  Thank you. Happy gifting!


Baby Sprinkle guest gifts

When we had a baby sprinkle for our second son, I created gift favors to give out.  I wanted something that would match the theme of sprinkles.  I looked around Pinterest and found people gave out cookies, donuts and other things with sprinkles.  I wanted to create something else.  I created a mason jar sugar cookie ingredients.

I started with picked up mason jars, sugar cookie mix,  sprinkles and avery labels.  Once I got them, I made the labels. One label said “Thank you for sprinkling your love” and then the second label was the ingredients and directions on how to make the sugar cookies.    Once the labels were done, I placed them on the mason jars. One label was the front and then the other one was on the back.

Once the labels were place, I placed the sugar cookie mix into the mason jar as well as some sprinkles.   It was a cute jar that was given out as a favor. I enjoy making homemade favors because they are more special.  I also wanted to make something that people can use because there are many times that I will get favors and then it just sits and collects dust.  It is easier and nicer to just make it and allow people to get rid of something without feeling guilty.


If you are interested in a favor like this, I will be happy to make it for a cheap price.  Happy gifting!

Engagement Gifts

My husband and I have been married fir 5 years.  Majority of our friends are not married and only dating.   In the past 5 years, only three of our friends have gotten married.  This past month two of our friends have gotten engaged.  We couldn’t be more happy to help celebrate our friends engagement.

One of my closets friends got engaged on Christmas to her boyfriend of 3 years.  We could not be more excited for her.  When we met up after Christmas, I made an engagement basket with goodies for the newly engaged couple.  Inside the basket, I had a mug that said Mrs., two bridal magazines, Proseco and a frame to frame their first photo together as an engaged couple.   Below is a photo of the basket and what it looked like.



Another one of our friends also got engaged this month.  For her, I made a bag filled with goodies as well.  Some of the goodies were two mugs that said Mrs and Mr, a frame and Proseco to toast their engagement.

It has been fun gifting our friends on their engagements.  Engagements are such a wonderful time in a couples life.  Its a celebration of their love and getting ready for the next big adventure that awaits them: marriage.   I hope these ideas help you create your own engagement gifts for a special friend.  Happy gifting.

2nd Baby Gender Reveal

When my husband and I got pregnant the second time, we knew that we definitely wanted to know the sex of the baby.  We also wanted to make sure to reveal it to our family and friends. I definitely didn’t want to do something that people I know did.   A few people had done the cake where the inside the color of a boy or girl.  Others had done a box with balloons inside that are the color of a boy or girl.   I like to be different.  My husband and I were watching a Disney movie “Princess Diaries”, and when the character and her mother are throwing darts at balloons filled with paint, that was when I got the idea to do that as a gender reveal.

I picked up a science poster board and used letter cutouts to write the words. The middle part of the board had he or she and a question mark.  The sides had one for a boy and one for girl and our guests voted on what they thought our second baby was going to be.   When we went to the doctor to find out what the sex of the baby was, we picked up black balloons and the color paint.  We filled the balloon with the paint and placed it in the middle part.

Our guests came to a gender reveal BBQ.  We had BBQ food for our guests.  Before the dessert, we did our reveal.  We taped up the poster board on a door.  My husband took darts and threw them at the black balloon.  And surprise to everyone.  It was another boy.   We couldn’t be more happy to welcome a second boy into our family.


Secret snowflake

This was the first secret snowflake event that I took part in at work.  It’s like secret santa.  We did the even for a week. The first 4 days we get gifts that are up to $3. The last day is up to $15.   I, of course, went to Pinterest to get ideas. I found a lot of great ideas. Below are the gifts that I got my secret snowflake.

Day 1- fudge mix

Day 2- extra gum

Day 3- a box of 6 hot chocolates mixes

Day 4- a whisk with Hershey kisses

Day 5- a winter hat, chapstick, sugar cookie mix and a spatula

My secret snowflake loved her gifts. I wanted to give her something that she could use. Hope this inspires you.

Baby Sprinkle

What is proper ethic for having a party to honor your second born? Do you have a baby shower? Do you create a registry? Those were the questions that I had when we got pregnant with our second child.  Our second pregnancy was great because we found out that we were going to have another boy. Our son was going to be a big brother to his brother.

We did create a registry but it only had things that we really needed. It wasn’t much because I saved everything from my first pregnancy.  Having another boy also limited to what we really needed. We asked our guests to bring diapers and wipes because the reality of it is that you use a lot of diapers and wipes the first year.

My husband and I decided to have a baby Sprinkle which just showed how much we love the second  child. When you’re pregnant with the first, you get everything and then there’s nothing for the second. The baby Sprinkle was themed with ice cream and donuts. It was in the summer so it fit great. We had an ice cream bar with different kinds of ice cream as well as toppings. Everyone loved it.


We had plain blocks and asked our guests to create a block which our second son will use when he gets older.  Our favors were mason jars filled with sugar cookie mix and sprinkles. I created labels with the ingredients and directions to make the cookies. That was a huge hit. I hope this inspires you to create your own baby Sprinkle for your second bundle of joy. We can’t forget the second baby that comes into our lives. Happy creating!

Bridal Shower Gift Basket

My work partner is getting married in the summer. I wanted to do something special for her.  I know both her and her fiancé have a lot of things and they didn’t really need anything so I found something small for her.  I got her a wedding frame as well as champagne glasses to be used for the day of the wedding.

At work, I had the grade come together by bringing in their favorite bottle of wine for a special occasion for their first year of marriage.  There are many different firsts. Here are some first ideas: Christmas , Valentine’s Day, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, just because, first fight, dinner party, etc.  When you create this basket for someone be creative in different first for the first year.

We all picked a holiday or special occasion. We came together and put it into a basket with a note on each bottle of wine with words of advice.  It was amazing to see how everyone came together and put some thought into it.  My partner really loved the idea and so did her fiancé.  Below is a photo of the basket with wine. Hope this inspires you!