Polish Easter Morning

One of my favorite times of year is when we have Easter morning.  I really enjoy Polish Easter morning. We get together as a family and just celebrate the great holiday together.  We start with saying a blessing using a hard boiled egg that was blessed the day before. (See post about Holy Saturday, Blessing of the Easter Basket)  Every takes a piece of the egg and we wish each other the best for the coming year with lots of health and others things that you wish people.

Then comes getting the soup dish ready.  We fast for two days (Good Friday and Holy Saturday), so Easter morning, we get to eat all the meats that we want.  There are different kinds of sausages that go into the soup.  One of my favorite sausages is the white sausage (biala kielbasa).  It gets boiled before you can eat it.  We also put bacon, ham and smoked kielbasa.  After cutting the sausages, you put a hard boiled egg cut up into the soup dish.   The last thing that goes into the soup dish is horseradish.  Once everyone has placed everything that they want into their soup dish, comes the best thing: white borscht.

This is the best soup that you can have for the holidays. It is delicious and very filling.   Once everyone is done with their soup, we have salads.  My favorite salad is a vegetable salad that you eat with a piece of bread.

Last but not least comes the sweets.  We have of course a babka. This cake is placed in the Easter basket and blessed.  We also have mazurek which is a poppy cake.  I could eat the whole thing in one sitting.  These are the traditional Polish food during Easter morning.

Happy Easter!


Money Saving Apps

Money saving apps? There are so many money saving apps.   As a working mother of 2 sweet boys, there has to be some kind of savings.  We work so much to make ends meet that we want to save some kind of money just for us.  There are so many rewards out there to help you get rewarded for shopping.  These rewards can be in the form of e-gift cards or cash out checks.  Any amount counts to help us to save.  I will tell you all about the different kinds of money saving apps that I use along with referral codes.

  1. Receipt Hog– This app is great and easy to use. You scan your receipt from any kind of shopping that you might have done: whether it is from grocery shopping or clothing shopping.  You can get either coins or entry points for a sweepstakes or for a slots machine which you can win coins. Just scan away and you can earn coins.  You can redeem the coins that you earn from your receipts in the form of an Amazon gift card or PayPal.  For an Amazon gift card and/or PayPal, you need 1000 coins to get a $5 gift card, 2900 coins for $15, 4300 coins for $25 and 6500 coins for $40.  There are also levels that you can reach and earn more coins or spins for your slot machine.   The more levels you reach the more coins you earn.
  2. Checkout 51–  This app is also easy to use. They post different items that you might purchase at the grocery store.  Here’s how it works: you go grocery shopping, come home and notice that you purchased let’s say Pringles, you scan your receipt and then you claim the Pringles and then you get whatever the amount is.  Once you claim $20, you can cash out. They send you a check to your home address.  There are many different categorizes that you can claim from: personal care, medicine & health, beverages, beer, wine, spirits, frozen, babies & kids, pet, home, dairy & eggs, bakery,  pantry,  snacks & sweets.  There are also bonuses that you can earn after claiming certain items.
  3. Ibotta– This app is wonderful.  I really enjoy this app a lot because I can scan my receipt and claim items that I have purchased. If you shop online, you can also claim items and money rewards.  There are different kinds of catergories that you can shop from like: grocery, mobile shopping, beer, wine & spirits, pharmacy, clothing, beauty & wellness, specialty, restaurant & bars, convenience, travel, crafts & gifts, and home & electronics.   There is a wide range of stores that you can claim money for.  For example, if you shop at Shop Rite, you can look at what they have to claim like for example, Cocoa Pebbles you can get $0.45 back for purchasing it.  Once you get a certain amount of money, you can claim either PayPal, Venmo, gifts cards ( Sephora, Kohl’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, itunes, Amazon, Buybuybaby, IHOP and so many others).  There are many different ways to earn money here. One way is through claim what you purchased.  Another way is through teamwork: where you work in a group and earn points by claiming a certain amount of offers.  Once you claim a certain amount of offers you can get a bonus. There are different kinds of bonuses that you can also earn more money.  This app is great and you can earn a lot of money.  This app also uses a referral code which gives both you and your team more money.  You can earn $5 for each friend that uses the app once. Easy way to make more money and earn rewards.  You can use my referral code to help you get started: 7392ug.
  4. Shopkick– This app is a fun app. When you walk into a store, you open up the app and can get walk-in points.  While in the store you can then scan certain items to get even more points.  Some stores will also have receipt scans to get even more points. These points can be use to get gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, American Eagle, Target, Aerie, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Nike and so many others.  It’s a fun and easy way to earn kicks.  You also have friends use your referral code and you can earn more kicks.  You can use my referral code: COOL333779 to help you get started.
  5. FetchRewards– This is a new app which I started using. This app is used by scanning your grocery receipt and you get points. You can earn more points if you purchase the items that they have as special offers. There are different brands that you can get more points.  The rewards for points can be used of gift cards, restaurants and many others.  You can claim points starting at 5,000 points for $5.  It’s quick and easy to do.  You also can use a referral code to earn more points.  You can use my referral code: P4TXJ to help you get started.


I hope these apps help you save some money.  A little goes a long way as the saying goes. Happy Saving!!!

Engagement Gifts

My husband and I have been married fir 5 years.  Majority of our friends are not married and only dating.   In the past 5 years, only three of our friends have gotten married.  This past month two of our friends have gotten engaged.  We couldn’t be more happy to help celebrate our friends engagement.

One of my closets friends got engaged on Christmas to her boyfriend of 3 years.  We could not be more excited for her.  When we met up after Christmas, I made an engagement basket with goodies for the newly engaged couple.  Inside the basket, I had a mug that said Mrs., two bridal magazines, Proseco and a frame to frame their first photo together as an engaged couple.   Below is a photo of the basket and what it looked like.



Another one of our friends also got engaged this month.  For her, I made a bag filled with goodies as well.  Some of the goodies were two mugs that said Mrs and Mr, a frame and Proseco to toast their engagement.

It has been fun gifting our friends on their engagements.  Engagements are such a wonderful time in a couples life.  Its a celebration of their love and getting ready for the next big adventure that awaits them: marriage.   I hope these ideas help you create your own engagement gifts for a special friend.  Happy gifting.

2nd Baby Gender Reveal

When my husband and I got pregnant the second time, we knew that we definitely wanted to know the sex of the baby.  We also wanted to make sure to reveal it to our family and friends. I definitely didn’t want to do something that people I know did.   A few people had done the cake where the inside the color of a boy or girl.  Others had done a box with balloons inside that are the color of a boy or girl.   I like to be different.  My husband and I were watching a Disney movie “Princess Diaries”, and when the character and her mother are throwing darts at balloons filled with paint, that was when I got the idea to do that as a gender reveal.

I picked up a science poster board and used letter cutouts to write the words. The middle part of the board had he or she and a question mark.  The sides had one for a boy and one for girl and our guests voted on what they thought our second baby was going to be.   When we went to the doctor to find out what the sex of the baby was, we picked up black balloons and the color paint.  We filled the balloon with the paint and placed it in the middle part.

Our guests came to a gender reveal BBQ.  We had BBQ food for our guests.  Before the dessert, we did our reveal.  We taped up the poster board on a door.  My husband took darts and threw them at the black balloon.  And surprise to everyone.  It was another boy.   We couldn’t be more happy to welcome a second boy into our family.


Christmas Lights

December is a great month because as the song goes “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.    People decorate both the inside and outside of the house with lights.  December is a very festive month.   Growing up, my parents would take us to look at all the decorations and how other people decorate their homes for the holidays.  People visit Manhattan during this month to visit the Rockfeller Center Tree and explore the city with their lights.   I always enjoyed this tradition with my parents.  It made it a lot of fun to take time out of our day to just walk around and enjoy the lights.

As we got older that stopped.   I did go into Manhattan to see the Rockfeller Center Tree but it was not always.  It was always something that I wanted to go back to.   I know that when I would come home from school or work in December, I would look at the lights around me.  It was beautiful.  The beautiful colors everywhere made it feel like a fairy tale.

This year was the first year that we started this lights tradition with our son.  Our son was too small the past year.  This year, we decided to walk around the neighborhood.  Something that my parents had done with me.  When we took our walk to look at all the lights, I have never seen a child more excited than him.   My son was saying “ohh” and “ahh” every time we pasted a house with new lights.  He was amazed at the simple experience of walking and looking at the lights.  I even took some photos of him and he would pose for the photos without any issues.   As my husband and I were walking with our boys, it made me realize how important it is to do simple things with your children.  My son has many toys and books to keep him entertained, but the simple idea of looking at Christmas lights was better than anything else.   This is just the start of a wonderful tradition to do with our boys. Start a tradition with your family that you can do yearly and make it special because those are the moments that you will remember forever.  The feeling of joy from the simple things.

Valentine’s Day Dinner

My husband and I decided to host a Valentine’s Day dinner for our family.  I usually make sure to use my nice china but I wanted to make it more about the holiday.   I picked up Valentine’s Day plates and napkins.  I decorated my table with Valentine’s Day decorations.

For each guest, I picked up chocolate hearts. All the adults received chocolate hearts as a gift.  The chocolate was placed on the plate so that everyone saw it when they walked in. The children received a mailbox with goodies and two Valentine’s Day balloons.   It was a simple dinner and fun for everyone.

For dinner, we made mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy sauce, chicken with sun dried tomatoes, mac and cheese, a chick pea salad and a regular table salad.  Everything was good. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

I love hosting for various events and holidays. I make sure to make it fun and festive.  Below is a photo. Hope this inspires you to host your own holiday dinner.


Wigilia is my favorite Polish tradition. Christmas Eve is very important. It’s about spending time with family and just enjoying the time together. We start wigilia with sharing an oplatek. Oplatek is a wafer. When we share the oplatek you wish everyone something for the next year.

During Christmas Eve, we have 12 different dishes. Each dish has no meat. Christmas Eve we fast.  We start with a white barszcz with mushrooms. It’s delicious. Then the rest are pierogis both potatoe and cabbage. There’s also stuffed cabbage, a fish dish, beans and other none meat dishes.  After the main course, we have dessert and coffee.


Then the fun begins, opening presents. My family always has humor gifts. We laugh and it’s great. As I grew up, I learned that the magic of Christmas or wigilia is spending time with family. It’s the laughter and joy. I cherish these moments of laughter and joy. It’s important to spend time with family. Make the most of those moments.