Newport, Rhode Island


Summer is a great time to visit places that are nautical or even just new places never visited before.  This summer so far, we have been to Boston and our recent trip was Newport, Rhode Island.  We fell in love with Newport. It is a cute little town with many wonderful things to see.  You might be surprised to know that the rich from New York had mansions in Newport and it was the place to visit.

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The Cliff Walk was an amazing walk to do.  It was about 3 miles long. Along the walk you see the ocean as well as the mansions of the rich and famous of the early years.  In the middle of the cliff walk you find yourself finding the Forty Steps. These steps just go down to where the ocean is. Each step has a name on it of people that have contributed to the cliff walk.  Along the walk you also find people placing locks with their names and the date. This is like the lock bridge in Paris or that used to be in Paris.  The cliff walk has amazing views and it is worth the long walk. The cliff walk is free to do but you just have to pay for parking.


Ocean Drive was another amazing breath taking view of the ocean.  Here you drive along and take in the view of the ocean. At times you are able to stop and park your car and be able to take in the view.  We did just that. We got close to the ocean and enjoyed being one with nature.  We took the drive a little further along and same to a state park called Benton State Park. There you are able to park your car and walk over to the ocean drive and sit on a bench and take in the view of the ocean once again.  This was free to do which is always nice.

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The last thing that we did in Newport was visit the famous mansions of the past. They were breath taking but the only pictures allowed were outside of the mansions and on the grounds.  It was amazing to see how the rich used to live a long time ago.  Their houses were elaborate for their time and many of the things that they used to build and style their homes was imported from Europe as well as Asia.  Many of these mansions were modern because for their times they had electricity.  It’s amazing to think that people back in the day started to think about the modern times.  I would recommend visiting at least one of these mansions.


Hope this blog has convinced you to go on your own adventure to visit different places that you have never been too.  There is so much to see in this amazing world. Be adventurous!