One World Observatory


It’s finally finished and we finally found time to go and visit one of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere.  One World Observatory is an amazing place to visit.  The view from the top is just breathe taking.

One World Observatory was built to symbolize our freedom in New York City after tragedy struck on 9/11.  Growing up in Queens and taking the 7 train to get to high school, I remember seeing the World Trade towers.   On that tradgeic day,  it hit me how important it is to love your loved ones and just live in the moment.

My husband, son and best friend went to One World Observatory on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a bucket list for us to visit this amazing building.  We ordered tickets before we got there and we didn’t have to wait to long on line.  You do go through metal detectors like at the airport. I did not have a problem with that because I knew that it was for my safety.  Once we finished with the metal detectors we continued on our way to a room to get the elevators.

Once in the elevators,  the workers tell you to face the panels.  I was now interested.  As the elevator goes up, on the panels you see the history of the city and what it looked like.  It was amazing and I have never seen something like that.  Once we got to the 102nd floor,  we exited the elevators and continued to another room.  In this room, there were panels and there was a short video.  Once the video stops the panels rise and you get the first view of the Manhattan skyline from the 102nd floor.  We exited the room to now go to the I observation deck.

As we entered the observation deck, your breathe is taken away. The view is breathe taking and you don’t know where you want to look.  We walked around and saw the whole city plus New Jersey.  Even my son said some ohs and ahhs.

Once we finished at One World Observatory, we went and saw the water pools. My husband and I have seen them after the tradegic event and even today it still brings chills to me.  I stood in a moment of silence while there and traced my hand over the names on the panels.  I may have never known these innocent people that lost their lives but I felt their families pain.  I look forward to going back and visiting when my son is older and understands becaus I will tell him the history of that tradegic day and what One World Observatory means to me as well as my husband.



Cookie letter

img_5694      As my son’s first birthday approaches, I had to figure out a first birthday theme.  It’s not that easy for a boy.  There are more girl ideas then boy ideas.  So I thought about my son and he’s at a stage where he wants to get into everything and wants to know everything.  I call him my little monster.  So I searched Pinterest for ideas.    They had a few ideas but with monsters like for Halloween. I then came across a Cookie Monster cake smash photo and knew that was what I wanted to do.

The searching then began.  Once again there was a limited amount of ideas.  I came across a photograph of the letter D with cookies on it.  I knew that was one of the things that I wanted to make.  So I started planning.  I picked up the letter m for my son’s name and some Cookie Crisp. I used a hot glue gun and glued the Cookie Crisp onto the letter.  I will be using the letter for the day of his party on display and it was used as a photo prop for his first birthday photo shoot ( first birthday photo shoot blog coming soon).   It was fun creating this letter for him.  Below you will find the materials and steps to creating a Cookie letter.


– wooden letter

– a box of Cookie Crisp

– glue gun

– glue sticks

– paper (in case glue spills on the floor)


  1.  Lay down paper on the floor.  Heat up the glue gun.
  2. Pick some Cookie crisps.
  3. Start glueing.
  4. Cover the wooden letter with Cookie Crisps and you’re done.
  5. Use for decorations and/or photo props.

Breastfeeding 11 months and 2 weeks

As the countdown to one year begins, I noticed that I am not producing milk as much as I did before.  I had to stop breastfeeding my son a month ago but I continued to pump.   My goal to breastfeed was 1 year.  I am sadden that I am not able to breastfeed and/pump anymore.  I almost hit the 1 year mark.  I was 2 weeks shy of hitting a year.  I know that I shouldn’t feel bad because I did breastfeed for a while. I set a goal for myself and I wished that I was able to reach it.  I still do have breast milk to last another month because I pumped into freezer bags.  But I am still sadden by it.   It doesn’t help being a working mom and all the stresses that I get from my job.  I was close to meeting my goal which makes me very happy.   I now look forward seeing the growth of my son and changes that will occur.  I know that I did my best and that’s all that matters.

Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns



October is a wonderful month.  We start to see the changes in the air.  The leaves change colors.  There’s beautiful mums everywhere.  There’s also lots and lots of pumpkins.  October is one of my favorite months because there is so much to do.

Two years ago, we went to Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns for the first time and we fell in love.  It is amazing to see thousands of pumpkins craved and shaved.  It is very artistic to see how creative and how much detail goes into each craved and/or shaved pumpkin.   This year we went for the first time with our son.   We had tickets for 6:45p.m which we ordered months in advanced.  This event sells out very quickly.  They also have Groupon deals at times but its for a later time slot.  We were late to the event but we got right in and we in the 7p.m slot.   There were a lot of people there.  When you enter, they sale food, hot beverages and lots of light up things for kids to wear.  My son got a necklace with jack o’lanterns that light up.  So did my nieces.   We made this event a family event and it was wonderful.  It’s great for young children because it is not scary at all.

I used my phone to check us in which was quick.  Once we were checked in, we continued through the event.  This event is held at Old Westbury Gardens which is beautiful during the spring and summer months.   Once we entered we walked a little bit and that’s when we saw the first of the Jack’s.  It was amazing to see how many craved pumpkins there were.

We entered the cemetery of Jack O’Lanterns first.  Some Jack’s were on the floor and they were lite up.   Then there were Jack’s that were stacked and created to look like a skeleton.  It was amazing to see these because it takes a lot of time for these carves to carve or shave the pumpkins.  Then we saw shaved pumpkins into Peanuts.  Peanuts is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary so they had about 3 pumpkins shaved into different scenes of Peanuts.  On the other side of the road, there were typical horror movie Jack O’ Lanterns from Freddy to Frankenstein. As we continued down the path, we found Sesame Street, Dory (because the movie is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray on November 15th), other Disney movies like Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and so many other Disney movies.  As we continued along the path, we found Superheroes.  These Jack’s were stacked to and shaved to look like Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.  They also created the symbols for Spiderman, Batman and Superman.



Next we entered the path of Dinosaurs.  They stacked pumpkins to look like large dinosaurs. It was amazing to see how high they went with these pumpkins and how they were craved to look like dinosaurs.  They also had the New York Mets, New York Yankees, New York Jets, New York Giants Jack O’Lanterns.   That was the main part of the event.  Next we continued walking and we walked through a forest.  This forest was lit with red and there were Jack O’Lanterns everywhere. Some were placed in-between large branches.

The last part of the event was Star Wars as well as famous people that died during the year.   I can not say enough about this amazing event.   I love this event and look forward to visiting every year with my family and making it a family tradition for the kids.

Reused candle jars

I love candles and I buy a lot of them. As an educator I also get a lot of candles as gifts.   I have candles for every holiday and season.  After they burn,    I love to reuse them.   What I do is, I place the burned out candle jar into the freezer and let it sit there for a day. You can take it out after a few hours.   Once I have left my jars in the freezer, I boil water and then place the boiling water into the jar.  The wax comes up and I let it sit so the wax can get hard again.  If you take it out before letting the wax redry then it will be liquid.

I love crafting so I use the candle jars for storage.  It allows me to see what materials I have.  Some of the things that I have in my jars are: crayons,  crafting scissors, colored pencils, sequence, paper clips, clips, Pom pins,etc.  Resuing materials is great because then there is less garage.  Try to reuse as much as you can. It will make the Earth a better place.

Below is the photo of some of the things that are in my candle jars.  Hope this inspires you start your own reused jars storage.


Halloween Mesh Wreath

I enjoy decorating for every single holiday.  October is one of my favorite holidays to decorate both inside and outside of the house.

I love decorating my front door.  One way in which I do that is through wreaths.  I made my Halloween mesh wreath a few years ago.  I of course get my ideas from Pinterest and then try to make them my own after.


  • circle ring
  • black mesh
  • spider rings
  • wooden letters – b and 2 o’s
  • arcylic paint- orange
  • twist ties
  • glue gun
  • glue


  1.  Paint the letters b and o with orange acrylic paint.
  2. While,  the letters are drying, start creating the wreath using the circle ring and black mesh.  I use twist ties to help keep the mesh in place.
  3. Go around the circle ring twice with the mesh and use the twist tie to hold it in place.
  4. Once you have the circle ring covered with the mesh ring, take some spider rings and place them around on the mesh.  They will stay on because they can attach to the mesh.
  5. when the letters are dry, place the letters on top of one another. Use a glue gun to keep the letter together.
  6. Once the letters are dry, place them in the center of the wreath.  I once again used twist ties to keep the letters in place.
  7. You are done. Decorate your beautiful door with you’re new mesh wreath.

Here is a picture of mine.


I hope this inspires you to make your owe. Be creative and have fun!

30th Birthday Bucket List

I will be 30 next year and as I am reflecting on the many things and places I have visited so far, it made me think about what else I would want to do.  On Pinterest I pin many different places that I want to visit as well as many things that I might want.   I wanted to come up with a list of things that can be done by the time I’m 30.   My other bucket list is more for traveling.

As I think about what I would want to do before I turn 30. Below is my bucket list of things that I wish or want to get done by the time I’m 30.

1. Ride in a hot air balloon

2. Run a 5k

3.  Declutter my things- clothes, books, papers

4. Get my drivers’s license

5. Visit a new waterfall

6. Organize my photos.

As the year goes by I will be adding things that I can by the time that I’m 30.  This bucket list is one that can be changed and fixed. These things are possible to accomplish. It is important that you create a list you will be able to complete because if you don’t then you will have a list that will never be finished.  Hope this inspires you to create your own bucket list.