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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!!! 2016 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Today marks the first day of 2017.

With a New Year comes new goals, dreams, hopes, wishes and adventures.  It’s important to set new adventures, goals, dreams, hopes and wishes for a new year. But to set realistic ones that are possible to achieve. Many people set goals for themselves that they are not able to meet because let’s be real they weren’t achievable.  Create goals for yourself that you are able to reach. Sometimes yes, set a goal that might be a challenge but one that you are able to try to meet.

I wish you all a wonderful 2017 with many goals that you will achieve. Remember the most important thing is spending time with family and making memories with all of those that are important to you.

Happy New Year!

First Birthday Timeline

I created a monthly timeline of my son for his first birthday.   I had pictures of each month from his 1st month to the 12th month.  I chose one photo from each month that had showed his growth process.  It’s amazing to see myself how much my son grew in a year.  It was very hard for me to chose one photo because I had many favorites per month but I did it.  I placed this timeline on our stairs to showcase him.   Of course it was a Cookie Monster theme so the months were written on chocolate chip cookies (paper) and then I placed the photo onto either blue or yellow cardstock.   I started creating this timeline over the summer which gave me about 3 months to complete.  As a working mom, I had to make sure that I had everything ready for his birthday, so I started earlier.   Below are the steps which I took to create the monthly timeline.


  • crayons- brown and blue
  • photos- one for each month plus a newborn
  • ribbon
  • tape
  • clothes pins
  • cardstock- tan, yellow and blue


  1. Cut out large circles on brown cardstock.  Color chocolate chips with a brown crayon.
  2. Use blue crayon to write each month (newbown, 1 month, 2 months, etc…)
  3. Fold blue and yellow cardstock in half. Cut them.  You should have 7 blue and 6 yellow.
  4. Tape the cookie month to the blue or yellow cardstock.  Continue until you are finished.
  5. Add a photo for each month.
  6. Cut a ribbon long enough to fit all the months on it.
  7. Take each month and place a clothes pin to hold it in place.



I hope this helps you create your own monthly timeline to showcase your child on their first birthday.

Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns



October is a wonderful month.  We start to see the changes in the air.  The leaves change colors.  There’s beautiful mums everywhere.  There’s also lots and lots of pumpkins.  October is one of my favorite months because there is so much to do.

Two years ago, we went to Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns for the first time and we fell in love.  It is amazing to see thousands of pumpkins craved and shaved.  It is very artistic to see how creative and how much detail goes into each craved and/or shaved pumpkin.   This year we went for the first time with our son.   We had tickets for 6:45p.m which we ordered months in advanced.  This event sells out very quickly.  They also have Groupon deals at times but its for a later time slot.  We were late to the event but we got right in and we in the 7p.m slot.   There were a lot of people there.  When you enter, they sale food, hot beverages and lots of light up things for kids to wear.  My son got a necklace with jack o’lanterns that light up.  So did my nieces.   We made this event a family event and it was wonderful.  It’s great for young children because it is not scary at all.

I used my phone to check us in which was quick.  Once we were checked in, we continued through the event.  This event is held at Old Westbury Gardens which is beautiful during the spring and summer months.   Once we entered we walked a little bit and that’s when we saw the first of the Jack’s.  It was amazing to see how many craved pumpkins there were.

We entered the cemetery of Jack O’Lanterns first.  Some Jack’s were on the floor and they were lite up.   Then there were Jack’s that were stacked and created to look like a skeleton.  It was amazing to see these because it takes a lot of time for these carves to carve or shave the pumpkins.  Then we saw shaved pumpkins into Peanuts.  Peanuts is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary so they had about 3 pumpkins shaved into different scenes of Peanuts.  On the other side of the road, there were typical horror movie Jack O’ Lanterns from Freddy to Frankenstein. As we continued down the path, we found Sesame Street, Dory (because the movie is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray on November 15th), other Disney movies like Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and so many other Disney movies.  As we continued along the path, we found Superheroes.  These Jack’s were stacked to and shaved to look like Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.  They also created the symbols for Spiderman, Batman and Superman.



Next we entered the path of Dinosaurs.  They stacked pumpkins to look like large dinosaurs. It was amazing to see how high they went with these pumpkins and how they were craved to look like dinosaurs.  They also had the New York Mets, New York Yankees, New York Jets, New York Giants Jack O’Lanterns.   That was the main part of the event.  Next we continued walking and we walked through a forest.  This forest was lit with red and there were Jack O’Lanterns everywhere. Some were placed in-between large branches.

The last part of the event was Star Wars as well as famous people that died during the year.   I can not say enough about this amazing event.   I love this event and look forward to visiting every year with my family and making it a family tradition for the kids.

Travel Charm Bracelet

I love Pandora charms.  Every birthday, Christmas and special event, I receive Pandora charms.  I have about 10 Pandora charm bracelets each with a different meaning.  One of my Pandora charm bracelet that I cherish and enjoy getting new charms for is my traveling charm bracelet.  I collect different charms from all the places which I travel to.  My bracelet has 3 different sections.  One section is for places in Europe which I visited. The second section is for places in the United States that I visited. The last section is for places that I visited in the Caribbean.   For each place that I have visited, I also take a lot of pictures.  I enjoy photography, so I have a few charms that represent traveling and photographs.

Europe Travel Charms

  1. Paris- Eiffiel Tower
  2. London- Big Ben
  3. Prague- Charles Bridge

United States & Canada Travel Charms

  1. Canada- Maple Leaf
  2. Montreal
  3. Boston
  4. Newport- Pineapple

Caribbean Travel Charms

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Mexico
  3. Mexico- Sombrero
  4. St.Thomas
  5. Tortola
  6. Bahamas

Other Travel Charms

  1. Passport
  2. Suitcase
  3. Globe
  4. Camera
  5. Globe clip


Here is a photograph of my Pandora travel charm bracelet. I hope this inspires you to create your own charm bracelet that means something to you.


Gender Reveal Party

At 20 weeks of pregnancy you are able to find out the sex of the baby. We were excited to find out the sex of our baby.  We had a feeling that it might be a boy, so we wanted to know for sure.  Everyone that we know said that we were having a boy.  When I posted a photo of myself at 20 weeks, I asked people to predict what they thought the baby’s sex is. The majority of people said that we were having a girl. There’s a new trend of throwing a gender reveal party.  I didn’t want to get sucked in but I did. All of our friends asked if we were having a reveal party. It got me thinking that maybe I should.  So I went looking on Pinterest for ideas. There were many wonderful ideas but I wanted something different. Everyone was revealing the gender of the baby using confetti in a balloon or color balloons in a box.  Of course I’m a type of person who wants to be different.   I kept seeing pinata’s. I thought that was a great idea. So we bought a pinata that looked like a present and stuffed it with blue candy.

We had a candy bar with blue and pink candy as well.  I made a blue cake and placed blue and pink rubber ducks.  I also made cupcakes with frosting and blue or pink sprinkles.

My husband and I wore green.  We didn’t want to wear either blue or pink. Our guests were asked to wear pink or blue.   It was interesting to see what everyone was wearing. Everyone that came to our reveal party was wearing blue.  I guess they knew.


I hope this inspires you to create and have your own gender reveal party.

Decorating with photos

I love to take photographs of many different things. When I travel I take lots of photographs to save all the memories that I made on my trip.  I also take photographs with my loved ones to remember that special moment in time.  My husband says that I take too many photographs but I enjoy doing that and I cherish every photo that I take. I use my photographs to decorate my house with. From creating scrapbook albums to hanging up photographs on my walls.   Decorating with photos is fun and easy.  In my house, we had lots of enough walls, so I started looking for frames that would create a wonderful decoration.   In my living room, I used a hanging frame with 5 photos on each side.  In the middle I needed some kind of frame with photos as well.  I looked on Pinterest to gather some ideas that would help me fill up the wall space.  One idea that I found was to have four photos of myself and my husband during the four seasons  in our first year of marriage.  I was excited to create this kind of frame because I love my husband of 3 years now more than anything else. We have been together for 11 years and counting.  On my frame I used scrapbook stickers to represent each season.  The stickers were as follows spring (flowers), fall (leaves), summer (seashells) and winter (snowflakes).   For each of photos I places the stickers around that photo.  Around the frame I wrote “A love for all seasons”.  These photos represent our first year as husband and wife and one single moment that meant something. See the photo below.


Surrounding my frame of love for all seasons I have my hanging frames.  My hanging frames represent 10 photos of our friends and family that mean everything to use.  We have photos that represent a single moment that was special.   In between my love for all seasons frame and hanging frame, I had some space so I found a wall decal quote. The quote states “Home where the happiest memories are made”.



I also decorate my home not just on the walls but on my end tables.  My end tables have frames with our engagement photos and wedding photos.  One of the frames which I have is not a frame but a glass shadow box. In this glass shadow box, I have a photo from our wedding as well as my flowers from my bouquet.  I do not like to throw things away because of the memory they hold so I had to figure out a way to keep my flowers. I dried up the flower.  In the glass shadow box, I have a photo from our wedding day, decorating rocks (from the dollar store), and my dried up flowers.  I wanted to use the colors from our wedding, so I found a mesh blue ribbon.  I glued the mesh blue ribbon around the glass shadow box and made a bow on the top.  See the photo below.  It was a fun way of storing a special and important memory.



I hope these photos help to inspire your own decorating with photos. Happy decorating!