A start to blogging

DSC01652My name is Monica. I am new to the blogging world. I was recommended to blog by my brother who said that I should share my ideas with the world. My blog will have various topics from photography to scrapbooking to teaching.  As a teacher, I have many days off which allows me to pick up many different hobbies to keep me busy.  Two summers ago, I picked up learning photography and now I capture so many pictures that my husband thinks I’m crazy for it.  I enjoy scrapbooking to keep the memories with words and designs that mean everything to me.  I plan on growing as a teacher as well.  As you read my blog and view various photos which I will share with you, you will also learn a great deal about me. My only wish is that you learn something and take something from what I will share and use and make it you’re own.  Thank you for reading this and hope you find something that you like on my blog.