Chicago! Known as the Windy City. It was a beauty. There’s so much sightseeing to do and you just need a few days.

My last blog was just about Chicago’s Navy Pier. This blog will be all about the various things that you can do in Chicago.

Let me start by saying get tickets for the Big Bus hop on and hop off bus. There are many different ways to get the bus. You can get a day pass, 2 day pass or even a 3 day pass. We got the day pass but a 2 day pass is worth it. You will learn a lot of history about Chicago and also get driven to all the main attractions in Chicago. It was worth every penny for this bus.  We got to see Chicago and learn at the same time. The buses run until 7 but make sure that you check which stop you are at because certain stops end earlier.  I know that the last stop for the Skydeck is 5:15pm. Make sure that you plan accordingly.

360 Chicago is a skyscraper that allows you to see Chicago’s skyline from the top. It was not busy but we also went later morning. We were able to view all of Chicago from the top. They have a special attraction at 360 called the Tilt.  You stand holding on to the glass and it tilts 30 degrees.  It was cool to do.

Next stop was Millienum Park to see the bean. When I think of Chicago, I think the bean. Everyone goes to see this bean which is art but amazing.


Another to do in Chicago was the Shedd Aquarium. This Aquarium was enough for my boys to enjoy. There was a lot of art of various sea creatures made from recycled materials. It was very cool to see. There were various creatures from the local lakes.

One of the last places that we went to was the Skydeck. There of course was a longer wait. Everyone wants to come and see Chicago this way.  The Skydeck is glass that extends outward and you get to see the city below you. We wanted to go at around 2 o’clock but there was a 3 hour wait for it. We went again later in the day at around 6 and we waited about 30 minutes to get to the Skydeck.  It was worth it. It gets crowded so if you are not a fan of crowds go really early when they open at 9am or after 6pm. They close at 10 pm.


We did all these attractions in one day.

Happy traveling!!!


Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is a nice coastal place to visit.  I’ve always wanted to go to Maine and Portland was the closets to New York. Our hotel was the Hyatt and it was in Old Port. That’s where all the major places to visit are.  The Hyatt was nice.  Parking was either self which was $20 a night or valet which was $22 a night. The lot that they used was a block away.  We valeted because it was easier for us.  They had breakfast every morning which was nice. They had toast, English Muffins, cereal, eggs and so many other choices.  Our room had the view of the bay.  They also had a pool and fitness center. We used the pool. It was small up to 4 feet only.

The day that we arrived it was raining but we were able to get a few things done.  For lunch we went to Duck Fat which we had to wait 20 minutes because it is a popular spot.  When we sat down to eat, we had Beglian fries and pouting fries. They were very good. They were cooked twice in duck fat.  We all had sandwiches. Their menu is small because it’s a quick eats place. It still was a very nice place and the food was good.

When the rain stopped, we walked around the old port. We found some souvenir stores. I always enjoy looking for magnets and ornaments from places. The one place that I found all my souvenirs was in a place called The Blue Lobster.   We of course found a lot of ice cream places and had some ice cream before dinner.  Dinner was an adventure. We went to J’s Oysters and we were told  there was a 30 minute wait. We waited an hour to get seated. When we went inside there were empty tables. We were really upset about the service at J’s. I had a lobster pasta which was good.  The view was nice though.  See the photo below.


The next day we visited Cape Elizabeth (see blog before this one).  We came back and then went to the Portland Science Center which had a special show in of Pirates. These were artifacts from a ship that was lost which was taken over by Sam Bellamy. It was really cool to learn about pirates life. I learned things that I didn’t know.  That was a nice experience.  We really enjoyed Portland, Maine. It’s a nice town to visit for a  few days.  Happy travels.

Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is located in San Francisco in the Golden Gate State Park.   We went and it was packed. It had a lot of people.  There was a charge for the garden. It was $8 for adults. My son was free so I don’t know how much it was for children.

The Japanese Tea Garden was a small garden with a lot of flowers and Japanese designs.  I wish there was a map because we just walked around.  I felt lost and noticed that we kept walking around in a circle.  Overall, I really enjoyed the Japanese Tea Garden.  It was peaceful.   Below is a poem I wrote about the garden.




Simple rivers.

Simple flowers.

Simple bushes.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods in California is a site to see.  It is a national park with lots of amazing Redwoods.  As I was researching places to visit in California, I found the Muir Woods.  I knew about the Redwood trees but this was just one of the places in California that have Redwoods.

There is a fee to pay when you get in. It’s $10 for an adult. We went with my 1 year old son who is free.  We started our hike at the front of the Muir Woods sign. We came across so many Redwoods.  It was so amazing to see these giant trees that date to prehistoric times. My husband at first didn’t want to go but then was amazed and was taking lots of photos.  I was in awe of these beautiful trees.  These trees were both really tall and thick.  We took lots of photos.

I highly recommend Muir Woods in California. It is 30 minute drive from San Francisco.  It’s a great hike because it is on flat land.  There are some bumps but it is so worth it. I would love to go back to see them again when my son get older.  Below are some photos that I took.

Cape Cod


Cape Cod is 4 hours away from New York City.   It’s a beautiful place to just go and get away.

We stayed in an area called Hyannis.  It is one of the main places in Cape Cod.  There is a stretch of stores and restaurants to eat.  We ate at Torino which was Italian. It was very good and everyone was very nice and welcoming. The other night we ate at British Beer. The food was really good.  We had Cape Cod beer.  I had a Blonde. It was really good.

We went to the Cape Cod Beer factory. They do tours once a day at 11 a.m but we didn’t make it in time for that so you just go for a tour on your own.  It was cool.  We didn’t do a tasting which they have but we just picked one kind of beer to drink.  We went outside to sit and drink it. They had chairs to sit and a food truck if you wanted to eat.

We went to the beach to just walk around.  I found many seashells. The reason is because the night before there was a rain storm so all the seashells were washed up to shore.  It was peaceful to just walk along the beach and feel the wind in your hair.

We went mini golfing and that was so much fun. When you go with friends it’s always an adventure.

Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is an amazing place I visit. When I was a little girl, I went to the American side of Niagara Falls.  This August we went to the Canadian side. My husband had never been so it was the first time for him as well as our baby boy. Yes, people will judge us for taking a 9 month old to places that he was unable to enjoy.  Yes, he was too little and he won’t remember.  I was okay with that because when he gets older, we will go back to Niagara Falls so that he will be able to enjoy it.  All the places which we traveled to with our son over the summer were places that he will be able to go back and visit when he’s older.

Now back to Niagara Falls. It is one of the most amazing waterfalls that we have seen. The rush of the water falling.  There were many people there but it was manageable to view.   The area around Niagara Falls is beautiful. All the flowers and the grass are taken care of.   We walked around to watch the falls.  We saw the American side Niagara Falls from the other side.  They weren’t as big and powerful like the Canadian side but just as beautiful. It was amazing to watch the falls rush down.  All that water just rushing down every day.

We went on the Hornblower cruise  where you got up close and personal with the falls.   The Hornblower cruise was amazing.  We went on the Hornblower early in the morning, when it first opened to miss all the lines. Before you board the cruise you get raincoats. We got the red colored ones.  The blue colored ones are from the Anerican side on the Maid of the Mist.   Once we boarded, we found a spot to get the best view. We were on the second level and by the railing.  Once the boat started moving, we got closer to the falls. You can feel the pressure of the falls as they fall down. Even though we had a raincoat, we still got wet.  The mist  from the falls was so strong that it seemed like we showered.  It was amazing to watch the falls so close. The beauty of it is amazing.



We also went to Journey Behind the Falls. That was very amazing and awesome.  We stood at the edge of the falls as they were falling down next to us.  The Journey Behind the Falls is on the Canadian side. We took pictures as the water is falling behind us.  Next we went inside and walked through the tunnel and got to go behind the waterfall. We were standing a few feet behind the waterfall. All you heard was the water falling and you just saw nothing but whiteness from the waterfall.  It was amazing and breath taking. It was an amazing experience.

We also had lunch at the Skylon Tower.  We had a buffet lunch. The food was good.  After lunch, we went to the observation deck to view the area. It was amazing to see.

The hotel which we stayed in was Embassy suites. It was very good. They had breakfast everyday for us. We also got vouchers for drinks for 2 nights.  The pool we did not use because my husband said that it was too hot. When a pool is too hot, then you can get sick and we didn’t want to take our baby into it.  There was a Friendly’s at the hotel and we also had a voucher for it.  It was nice to have food all around us.  We had a falls view room and we were able to see the falls from our hotel room.  When you walked to the lobby, you were able to go to an Incline. This incline took you down to the falls. It was 7 Canadian dollars go round trip. It was worth it because you were able to get to the shopping by the falls and come back to your hotel room. It was definitely something that my husband and I enjoyed because it was easy to go with our son.

We really enjoyed our trip to Niagara Falls and look forward to going back in the future when our son gets older.

Poetry about traveling

As we continue writing poems in our kindergarten class, we model poems to our students.  Today we continued writing poems about things that mean a lot to us or are important to us.  Traveling is important to me. I enjoy learning about new places and experiencing new things in different places.  Below are some of my traveling poems that I wrote.


I love traveling.

New places.

New experiences.

New people.

New cultures.

New food.

New scenery.

New roads.

New beaches.

New mountains.

New photographs.

Traveling is amazing.

Cruising is another one of my favorite ways of traveling and experiencing new things.


Big boat.

Wide open space.

Gliding on the sea.

Clear skies.

Unplugged from the world.



Lots of food.

Anchors away.

Sailing away.