Toddler & Baby Easter Egg Hunt

My first born never really enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. He was to little to understand what to do. He is now 2 years old, so I decided to have him hunt for eggs.  That got me thinking, what will I ever put inside the eggs.  I was thinking about things that he likes and needs.  I needed Easter egg fillers. I searched online to find ideas.  There were great ideas out there but I wanted to make it more personal for him.   Below is a list of things that he needed or liked.

Toddler Egg Fillers:

  1. Thomas Minis
  2. Hershey Kisses
  3. Disney Cars toys
  4. Socks

I filled his plastic Easter eggs with all these fillers.  I placed them outside in the yard and he went hunting.  He was so excited to hunt and get the eggs. It was pure joy to see him hunt.   I also wanted my second born to hunt for eggs but he was too little to walk.  I picked a few things that he needed and placed them in a bigger egg for him and just sat him down near them.  He went to grab these eggs and it was great too. Below is  a list of things for the baby egg filler.

Baby Egg Filler:

  1. Socks
  2. pacifiers
  3. small stuffed animals


Hope this helps. Happy filling!


Valentine’s Day Toddler Photoshoot

I love taking photographs but it’s very hard with a toddler.  My son moved around so much and will not sit still.  So taking photos is very hard. I always get him looking away and not paying attention.  I still went ahead and had my husband try to help with a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot. I did my best and got what I got.  It was fun and I actually got a few photos of my son looking.

I always try to use props.  This year since he’s a toddler I had limit what I gave him because he would either throw it or put it in his mouth.  I of course got him a eligible bachelor onesie from Carters.  The rest of the props that were used were:  rose petals, cut-out red hearts and a few fake roses.  I placed the rose petals all over the floor and that actually got him to go to the floor and sit. On the closet door, I taped red glitter hearts. He of course picked at them but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I handed him a few fake roses and then the snapping started.

Below is a photo of my Photoshoot. The best that I could do as a new time at home photo taker.  I hope this inspires you to create your own backgrounds and use props for photography. Happy snapping!



Easter Basket Ideas

As Easter is on its way, I had to figure out 3 basket ideas. As I was shopping and in the stores, I saw all the pre-made Easter baskets and didn’t like the things that were in there and second they were expensive. I decided to create my own Easter baskets for 3 special children in my life.  One for a 3 year old girl and 2 for babies.  My niece who is 3 years old was easier to create her Easter basket because there is so much more that you are able to get. My son and my other niece they were the hard ones because they are so little there is just a limited amount of things you are able to get them.  As I was shopping, I came across many different things. I was excited to put the baskets together after all my shopping. Here is a list of things that I put into the baskets:

Easter basket for 3 year old:

  1. kite
  2. play-doh
  3. paints
  4. coloring books
  5. candy (non-chocolate)
  6. bubbles
  7. lollipops
  8. chalk

Easter Basket for a baby:

  1. shoes (pre-walkers)
  2. board books
  3. hair clips (for girls)
  4. rubber ducky
  5. bucket and shovel (beach things)
  6. stuffed animals

These are just some of the things that I put into the Easter baskets but there are so many other things that you can put. It’s good to think about things that the children will use and might need for the following season like spring and summer.  For example:

Easter Basket for a baby:

  1. clothes (onesis)
  2. beach things
  3. bath toys
  4. teethers

Easter Basket for 3 year old:

  1. Jump rope
  2. other things to use when outside during the spring and/or summer like: summer hats, beach towel, spring jacket, sandals
  3. chocolate (if they like it)
  4. sports balls
  5. Frisbee

There are some photos of the things that I picked up for the Easter basket and how I wrapped it up for the kids to open. I can’t wait for them to open these baskets on Easter. I hope this inspires you to create a wonderful Easter basket for some special children in your lives.