Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is located in San Francisco in the Golden Gate State Park.   We went and it was packed. It had a lot of people.  There was a charge for the garden. It was $8 for adults. My son was free so I don’t know how much it was for children.

The Japanese Tea Garden was a small garden with a lot of flowers and Japanese designs.  I wish there was a map because we just walked around.  I felt lost and noticed that we kept walking around in a circle.  Overall, I really enjoyed the Japanese Tea Garden.  It was peaceful.   Below is a poem I wrote about the garden.




Simple rivers.

Simple flowers.

Simple bushes.


First Halloween

This past Halloween was my son’s first Halloween.   It was an amazing experience.  He is walking everywhere he is allowed to go.  I waited a whole year for him to celebrate Halloween.  This year he had two different costumes.   One costume was a shark and other one was a penguin.  We had purchased these costumes a year ago and I couldn’t wait for him to wear them.  I wanted to make this first Halloween special.  I know that he will never remember this Halloween but I have many photos to show him in the future.

I enjoyed seeing my families reaction to how he was dressed.  Everyone does the typical Halloween costume every newborn: pumpkin.  I wanted to be different and I did and it worked.  The Sunday before Halloween, we went to a Halloween parade in Astoria.  We walked down Ditmars and went into Astoria Park.  They had a few stations set up with balloon animals as well as cotton candy.  It was a nice experience. Watching my son walking and enjoying his costume, made me feel great.

Halloween of course, I had to work but after, I went trick or treating with him around my old neighborhood.  I have never seen so many people react to my son’s costume the way that everyone did.  It was a great feeling to hear how everyone loved the costume.  My son did walk with me by his side.  I was the one saying trick or treat and thank you.  He will not eat the candy but it was the experience for him that mattered.  He did have a smile on his face when we walked into the stores and people smiled at him.   I cannot wait to tell him about his first Halloween when he gets older.


Trick or Treat


All kinds of candy











A special bond

When I got pregnant, I started thinking about feeding the baby. I did not want to breastfeed because my mother never did and neither did my mother in law. I did not have anyone that I could ask questions.  At work, I had a mentor and we got to talking and she convinced me to breastfeed. The more that I talked with her the more I decided that I was going to breastfeed.  I started doing my research about breastfeeding.  I read many different articles on the importance of breastfeeding.  I also looked up research on how to produce more milk. I wrote the tips on producing more breast milk in another blog.   Breastfeeding has been one of the best decisions that I have made. It is the best food source for my son. I have watched him grow for the past 9 months.  Because of breastfeeding, we have a special bond. My son loves to play with me and I am able to comfort him.  This bond which I have with my son is one that I would have never had unless I breast fed. Yes, you can have a bond with you’re child if you don’t breast fed but to me this bond which I have with my son is so special.



Food for the baby.

Bond between mom and baby.

Every 2 hours.




Every morning.

Early night.

On every call.

Poetry about traveling

As we continue writing poems in our kindergarten class, we model poems to our students.  Today we continued writing poems about things that mean a lot to us or are important to us.  Traveling is important to me. I enjoy learning about new places and experiencing new things in different places.  Below are some of my traveling poems that I wrote.


I love traveling.

New places.

New experiences.

New people.

New cultures.

New food.

New scenery.

New roads.

New beaches.

New mountains.

New photographs.

Traveling is amazing.

Cruising is another one of my favorite ways of traveling and experiencing new things.


Big boat.

Wide open space.

Gliding on the sea.

Clear skies.

Unplugged from the world.



Lots of food.

Anchors away.

Sailing away.

Photography Poem

We are writing poems in class with my kindergartens.  It’s amazing to see how these students grew from the start of September to now in June.  We have taught them skills that they need in order to write and they are growing and writing so well.  We used Douglas Forian’s poems as models to help them write their own poems.  As we modeled his poems, we also wrote our own poems to show them that it is not hard to write poems.  My poem was about photography because it is something I love and enjoy doing.  I also love to take lots of photos of my travels as well as important things in my life. Here is my poem on photography.



Capture it.

Click it.

Zoom in.

Zoom out.

Snap it.

Flash it.

Smile for it.

Frame it.

Preserve it.

Keep it.

Scrapbook with it.

Decorate with it.