Valentine’s Day Toddler Photoshoot

I love taking photographs but it’s very hard with a toddler.  My son moved around so much and will not sit still.  So taking photos is very hard. I always get him looking away and not paying attention.  I still went ahead and had my husband try to help with a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot. I did my best and got what I got.  It was fun and I actually got a few photos of my son looking.

I always try to use props.  This year since he’s a toddler I had limit what I gave him because he would either throw it or put it in his mouth.  I of course got him a eligible bachelor onesie from Carters.  The rest of the props that were used were:  rose petals, cut-out red hearts and a few fake roses.  I placed the rose petals all over the floor and that actually got him to go to the floor and sit. On the closet door, I taped red glitter hearts. He of course picked at them but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I handed him a few fake roses and then the snapping started.

Below is a photo of my Photoshoot. The best that I could do as a new time at home photo taker.  I hope this inspires you to create your own backgrounds and use props for photography. Happy snapping!




6 Month birthday photoshoot

6 months is a huge milestone for babies.  Our son turned 6 months a month ago and we have seen him grow in so many different ways. We have learned so much through our sons eyes and we wouldn’t have it any other way.   A 6 month photoshoot for a boy was hard to find.  I searched Pinterest for many ideas and it was difficult.  So what I used was the onesie that I bought him off from Amazon.  The onesie was baseball themed.  I thought that was a perfect theme for our son’s 6 month photoshoot because my husband and I are both huge Yankees fans.  I created a banner that said “6 months”.  I used to get the letters for the banner.  Thank you to Kevin Hale for sharing this free printable banner alphabet banner.


We purchased real baseballs from Walmart as props for his photoshoot.  We purchased the baseballs because as our son gets older, we will use them.  I always try to purchase photoshoot props that will be used again for another occasion. Below are some of the photos that I took using the baseballs as props.

It was nice to just let our son explore the baseballs and just watch him explore the baseballs.  I was able to take the photos and he was entertained at the same time.  The last photos were with my husbands Yankees baseball cap.  I wanted to use something that has meaning to us and my husbans Yankees baseball cap was the answer. See the photo below.


I hope these photos inspire your own photoshoot.  Here’s a fun tip: create a photoshoot that have meaning to both you and your husband and vice verse.  It is more fun and a great photograph will allow you to share this with your child.  Happy photoshoot taking. 🙂