Valentine’s Day Toddler Photoshoot

I love taking photographs but it’s very hard with a toddler.  My son moved around so much and will not sit still.  So taking photos is very hard. I always get him looking away and not paying attention.  I still went ahead and had my husband try to help with a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot. I did my best and got what I got.  It was fun and I actually got a few photos of my son looking.

I always try to use props.  This year since he’s a toddler I had limit what I gave him because he would either throw it or put it in his mouth.  I of course got him a eligible bachelor onesie from Carters.  The rest of the props that were used were:  rose petals, cut-out red hearts and a few fake roses.  I placed the rose petals all over the floor and that actually got him to go to the floor and sit. On the closet door, I taped red glitter hearts. He of course picked at them but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I handed him a few fake roses and then the snapping started.

Below is a photo of my Photoshoot. The best that I could do as a new time at home photo taker.  I hope this inspires you to create your own backgrounds and use props for photography. Happy snapping!




Cookie letter

img_5694      As my son’s first birthday approaches, I had to figure out a first birthday theme.  It’s not that easy for a boy.  There are more girl ideas then boy ideas.  So I thought about my son and he’s at a stage where he wants to get into everything and wants to know everything.  I call him my little monster.  So I searched Pinterest for ideas.    They had a few ideas but with monsters like for Halloween. I then came across a Cookie Monster cake smash photo and knew that was what I wanted to do.

The searching then began.  Once again there was a limited amount of ideas.  I came across a photograph of the letter D with cookies on it.  I knew that was one of the things that I wanted to make.  So I started planning.  I picked up the letter m for my son’s name and some Cookie Crisp. I used a hot glue gun and glued the Cookie Crisp onto the letter.  I will be using the letter for the day of his party on display and it was used as a photo prop for his first birthday photo shoot ( first birthday photo shoot blog coming soon).   It was fun creating this letter for him.  Below you will find the materials and steps to creating a Cookie letter.


– wooden letter

– a box of Cookie Crisp

– glue gun

– glue sticks

– paper (in case glue spills on the floor)


  1.  Lay down paper on the floor.  Heat up the glue gun.
  2. Pick some Cookie crisps.
  3. Start glueing.
  4. Cover the wooden letter with Cookie Crisps and you’re done.
  5. Use for decorations and/or photo props.