Tinkerbell Disney Pandora Bracelet

I’m obsessed with Pandora charms. Every time they come out with new charms, I just want to rush and get new charms.  Well when I read that Pandora is teaming up with Disney, I was in heaven.  I’m a big Disney fan. I have every movie possible.

Disney and Pandora teamed up to come out with charms for 10 years. That’s ten years of Pandora Disney charms to look forward to.   They are releasing charms slowly. A few charms at a time.  I of course love Tinkerbell.  So when they came out with two charms I had to have them. They were so popular that the Pandora stores were sold out of them. I had to wait to get my charms.  I finally did. The murano Tinkerbell was the first charm that I got and I ended up getting two of them plus the one where Tinkerbell is in a star. I also got the Tinkerbell dangle where she is in a heart. The murano bead glows in the dark so that was cool and a nice surprise when I saw my bracelet glowing while somewhere in a dark place.

Now Pandora Disney came out with Tinkerbell’s dress and slipper dangle charms.   Every Disney princess Pandora bead comes with the dress and shoe.  I got my Tinkerbell for Mother’s Day.   Recently Pandora was having a sale that when you spend $100, you can get a leather bracelet for free.  I went for a hunt for a green leather bracelet. I found it and put my Tinkerbell charms on it.  I am beyond obsessed with my Tinkerbell Pandora bracelet.  I can’t wait to see what else Disney Pandora has in store for us Disney fans.  Below is a photo of my Tinkerbell Pandora bracelet.



Travel Charm Bracelet

I love Pandora charms.  Every birthday, Christmas and special event, I receive Pandora charms.  I have about 10 Pandora charm bracelets each with a different meaning.  One of my Pandora charm bracelet that I cherish and enjoy getting new charms for is my traveling charm bracelet.  I collect different charms from all the places which I travel to.  My bracelet has 3 different sections.  One section is for places in Europe which I visited. The second section is for places in the United States that I visited. The last section is for places that I visited in the Caribbean.   For each place that I have visited, I also take a lot of pictures.  I enjoy photography, so I have a few charms that represent traveling and photographs.

Europe Travel Charms

  1. Paris- Eiffiel Tower
  2. London- Big Ben
  3. Prague- Charles Bridge

United States & Canada Travel Charms

  1. Canada- Maple Leaf
  2. Montreal
  3. Boston
  4. Newport- Pineapple

Caribbean Travel Charms

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Mexico
  3. Mexico- Sombrero
  4. St.Thomas
  5. Tortola
  6. Bahamas

Other Travel Charms

  1. Passport
  2. Suitcase
  3. Globe
  4. Camera
  5. Globe clip


Here is a photograph of my Pandora travel charm bracelet. I hope this inspires you to create your own charm bracelet that means something to you.