Muir Woods

Muir Woods in California is a site to see.  It is a national park with lots of amazing Redwoods.  As I was researching places to visit in California, I found the Muir Woods.  I knew about the Redwood trees but this was just one of the places in California that have Redwoods.

There is a fee to pay when you get in. It’s $10 for an adult. We went with my 1 year old son who is free.  We started our hike at the front of the Muir Woods sign. We came across so many Redwoods.  It was so amazing to see these giant trees that date to prehistoric times. My husband at first didn’t want to go but then was amazed and was taking lots of photos.  I was in awe of these beautiful trees.  These trees were both really tall and thick.  We took lots of photos.

I highly recommend Muir Woods in California. It is 30 minute drive from San Francisco.  It’s a great hike because it is on flat land.  There are some bumps but it is so worth it. I would love to go back to see them again when my son get older.  Below are some photos that I took.

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen is about 4 hours away from New York City.  It is a state park.  There is an $8 car fee to park.

Watkins Glen is amazing. I have never seen an amazing park. The beauty of nature is amazing.  The years of nature and how it shaped this state park.

We started our hike from the top down. We took a bus up which was $5.  While walking the trail, we realized that the $5 was worth it because we were going down stairs and not up. It happened to also be very hot and humid.  We enjoyed our hike through Watkins Glen.

There were many waterfalls but because there has not been a lot of rain, the waterfalls weren’t as powerful.  The beauty of the falls were just as nice.  The whole hike, I kept saying how amazing it was.  I am glad that I did it because it allowed me to see nature in a different light.  There are so many different ways to experience nature. One way is through hiking. Hiking in different places, gives you different experiences.  Pictures do not do justice to the amazing state park.   I loved each and every step of the way.

I hope these photographs inspire you to take a challenge and explore a different part, place of the world that you haven’t.

Stony Brook State Park



Stony Brook State Park is located in Dansville, New York. From New York City it is about a 4 hour drive.  It has many hills as well as stairs. They have a natural swimming pool. The pool is water that comes from the waterfalls in the park. It was the first one that I have seen. When we went in August,the water temperature was 57 degrees Fahrenheit. They had different levels like four feet until about 8 feet. There were many people coming to enjoy the natural swimming pool.  We continued to walk the trail for a little bit. It happened to be very hot and humid that day. We saw a few waterfalls but they were not as powerful. The reason could be because of the lack of rain. We haven’t had much rain this summer just a few rain showers here and there.  We took our 9 month old son on this hike. I used a carrier and carried him on my back. It was easy to walk with him.  Our son was looking at the waterfalls and streams.  The beauty of nature is so amazing. When you leave the city, you get to experience so much.  Nature itself is so beautiful. It is full of life.  I enjoy going to nature hikes because it allows me to appreciate nature more. Living in the city all you see are cars and buildings. Don’t get me wrong, buildings also have their beauty but being one with nature is amazing.  The hike relaxed me.  I hope you visit Stony Brook State park it is a gem in upstate New York.