Engagement Gifts

My husband and I have been married fir 5 years.  Majority of our friends are not married and only dating.   In the past 5 years, only three of our friends have gotten married.  This past month two of our friends have gotten engaged.  We couldn’t be more happy to help celebrate our friends engagement.

One of my closets friends got engaged on Christmas to her boyfriend of 3 years.  We could not be more excited for her.  When we met up after Christmas, I made an engagement basket with goodies for the newly engaged couple.  Inside the basket, I had a mug that said Mrs., two bridal magazines, Proseco and a frame to frame their first photo together as an engaged couple.   Below is a photo of the basket and what it looked like.



Another one of our friends also got engaged this month.  For her, I made a bag filled with goodies as well.  Some of the goodies were two mugs that said Mrs and Mr, a frame and Proseco to toast their engagement.

It has been fun gifting our friends on their engagements.  Engagements are such a wonderful time in a couples life.  Its a celebration of their love and getting ready for the next big adventure that awaits them: marriage.   I hope these ideas help you create your own engagement gifts for a special friend.  Happy gifting.


Second Pregnancy

My husband and I started planning baby #2 in the winter.  We knew that we wanted to have more children.  Of course there’s a lot to think about when planning to extend you’re family.  Money is always the question. It is important to have that figured out.

I worried how my first born was going to handle being a sibling.  We made sure to let him know that he is special and important to us.  While pregnant with my second child, we made sure to read books to our first born.  We told him that he’s going to be a big brother.  We let him touch my belly and kiss it. It was amazing to see how he reacted to my baby bump.  Towards the end was when he would kiss my belly every day.  Every time there was a pampers commercial, we told him that he’s going to have a brother like that very soon.  I have to say that it worked.  When our second son was born, my first born reacted in a way that shocked all us.  The first day was rough at the hospital put that changed the second day.  The second day, when he came to the hospital, the first thing that he did was come over and give his brother a kiss. Everyone that was at the hospital was in complete shock. We never thought that a child of all most 2 years old, would react that way.

Things have changed but not too much.  My son still goes to his brother every day and kisses him often.  Every morning he sits on a chair and wants his brother to sit with him and then I have to take a photo of them.  It’s amazing to see this relationship start the way that it has. My only hope is that it never ends and they continue to love one another.

There are challenges of course. My husband works nights so I’m home with the boys.  It’s a challenge to bathe them.  The other most difficult challenge is making sure that my first born understands that we love him the same and nothing has changed.  We just have to give the newborn a little bit more attention. We try our best and we are learning as we go along.  I of course wouldn’t change this experience for anything. I love my boys so much and look forward to the next few years of amazing experiences and challenges that come our way.  I will blog about theses challenges and experiences.

Valentine’s Day Dinner

My husband and I decided to host a Valentine’s Day dinner for our family.  I usually make sure to use my nice china but I wanted to make it more about the holiday.   I picked up Valentine’s Day plates and napkins.  I decorated my table with Valentine’s Day decorations.

For each guest, I picked up chocolate hearts. All the adults received chocolate hearts as a gift.  The chocolate was placed on the plate so that everyone saw it when they walked in. The children received a mailbox with goodies and two Valentine’s Day balloons.   It was a simple dinner and fun for everyone.

For dinner, we made mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy sauce, chicken with sun dried tomatoes, mac and cheese, a chick pea salad and a regular table salad.  Everything was good. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

I love hosting for various events and holidays. I make sure to make it fun and festive.  Below is a photo. Hope this inspires you to host your own holiday dinner.

Valentine’s Day decor

Valentine’s Day is all about love and showing the people we love how much we love them.  As you all know, I love to decorate. I will decorate for every holiday possible.  My last blog was about a Valentine’s Day Mesh wreath.  I also decorated my buffet server. This is the center of my dining room.

On my buffet server I have a runner. I got a pink runner with hearts on it from the Christmas Tree store. Very cute and simple.  I also created a bowl with red glittery hearts to place at the center of my buffet server.  I also placed some Valentine’s Day sayings that I picked up from Target and TJMAXx.  In the back of my buffet server I placed two photos of my family.  My family means everything to me and I want everyone to see it.

My decoration is very simple and shows how much I love my family.  Hope this inspires you to create your own special place for decorating.


Valentine’s Day Wreath

I love all kinds of holidays. My all time favorite is Christmas but I do love all the other holidays.  I feel that we work so much and the holidays allow us to take some time to just relax and enjoy our families.

I love making things so of course, I made a Valentine’s Day wreath. I made a mesh wreath this time.  I shopped for various things that can be used for the wreath before I started.  Below you will find the materials and the directions in making the wreath.  A lot of the materials I found at the dollar store. I find it silly to spend a lot of money on materials if I know that in a few years I will want to change my design.


• red mesh

• wire wreath ring

• hearts on sticks( I got red and pink as well as big and small)

•twist ties


1. First bunch up the mesh on the wire ring.

2. Use twist ties to help keep the mesh in its place.

3. Once you went around twice ( I like to do that to make the color stand out more), place heart sticks all around.

4. Hang up.

I hope this helps to inspire you to make your own. Below is a photograph of my Valentine’s Day wreath. The photo is not great as it was taken using a flash.  Happy crafting!


A special bond

When I got pregnant, I started thinking about feeding the baby. I did not want to breastfeed because my mother never did and neither did my mother in law. I did not have anyone that I could ask questions.  At work, I had a mentor and we got to talking and she convinced me to breastfeed. The more that I talked with her the more I decided that I was going to breastfeed.  I started doing my research about breastfeeding.  I read many different articles on the importance of breastfeeding.  I also looked up research on how to produce more milk. I wrote the tips on producing more breast milk in another blog.   Breastfeeding has been one of the best decisions that I have made. It is the best food source for my son. I have watched him grow for the past 9 months.  Because of breastfeeding, we have a special bond. My son loves to play with me and I am able to comfort him.  This bond which I have with my son is one that I would have never had unless I breast fed. Yes, you can have a bond with you’re child if you don’t breast fed but to me this bond which I have with my son is so special.



Food for the baby.

Bond between mom and baby.

Every 2 hours.




Every morning.

Early night.

On every call.

Decorating with photos

I love to take photographs of many different things. When I travel I take lots of photographs to save all the memories that I made on my trip.  I also take photographs with my loved ones to remember that special moment in time.  My husband says that I take too many photographs but I enjoy doing that and I cherish every photo that I take. I use my photographs to decorate my house with. From creating scrapbook albums to hanging up photographs on my walls.   Decorating with photos is fun and easy.  In my house, we had lots of enough walls, so I started looking for frames that would create a wonderful decoration.   In my living room, I used a hanging frame with 5 photos on each side.  In the middle I needed some kind of frame with photos as well.  I looked on Pinterest to gather some ideas that would help me fill up the wall space.  One idea that I found was to have four photos of myself and my husband during the four seasons  in our first year of marriage.  I was excited to create this kind of frame because I love my husband of 3 years now more than anything else. We have been together for 11 years and counting.  On my frame I used scrapbook stickers to represent each season.  The stickers were as follows spring (flowers), fall (leaves), summer (seashells) and winter (snowflakes).   For each of photos I places the stickers around that photo.  Around the frame I wrote “A love for all seasons”.  These photos represent our first year as husband and wife and one single moment that meant something. See the photo below.


Surrounding my frame of love for all seasons I have my hanging frames.  My hanging frames represent 10 photos of our friends and family that mean everything to use.  We have photos that represent a single moment that was special.   In between my love for all seasons frame and hanging frame, I had some space so I found a wall decal quote. The quote states “Home where the happiest memories are made”.



I also decorate my home not just on the walls but on my end tables.  My end tables have frames with our engagement photos and wedding photos.  One of the frames which I have is not a frame but a glass shadow box. In this glass shadow box, I have a photo from our wedding as well as my flowers from my bouquet.  I do not like to throw things away because of the memory they hold so I had to figure out a way to keep my flowers. I dried up the flower.  In the glass shadow box, I have a photo from our wedding day, decorating rocks (from the dollar store), and my dried up flowers.  I wanted to use the colors from our wedding, so I found a mesh blue ribbon.  I glued the mesh blue ribbon around the glass shadow box and made a bow on the top.  See the photo below.  It was a fun way of storing a special and important memory.



I hope these photos help to inspire your own decorating with photos. Happy decorating!