Bridal Shower Gift Basket

My work partner is getting married in the summer. I wanted to do something special for her.  I know both her and her fiancé have a lot of things and they didn’t really need anything so I found something small for her.  I got her a wedding frame as well as champagne glasses to be used for the day of the wedding.

At work, I had the grade come together by bringing in their favorite bottle of wine for a special occasion for their first year of marriage.  There are many different firsts. Here are some first ideas: Christmas , Valentine’s Day, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, just because, first fight, dinner party, etc.  When you create this basket for someone be creative in different first for the first year.

We all picked a holiday or special occasion. We came together and put it into a basket with a note on each bottle of wine with words of advice.  It was amazing to see how everyone came together and put some thought into it.  My partner really loved the idea and so did her fiancé.  Below is a photo of the basket with wine. Hope this inspires you!




Art Gift basket

My niece just turned 4 years old and I wanted to get her something that she could use.  She’s also in school, so there’s a lot of school projects to do.  I created an art basket for her.

In the basket I placed:

1. Construction paper-2 big sets of them. They are useful for many things from arts and crafts to school projects.

2. Markers

3.  Watercolors

4.  Marker paper- this kind of paper allows for drawing and coloring.

5. Paints- a set of 6

6. A color by number set

These are just some of the of the things that I placed in the basket. You can place all kinds of art materials in a basket and give as a gift to that young child that will use it for crafting.  For an older child, you can place cutting supplies, glue, sequence and so many other materials. Be creative and have fun getting things together.



I hope this inspires you to create your own art gift basket.