Pier 39

Pier 39 is the place to be when in San Francisco.  Pier 39 has many stores  and restaurants.  Some stores are: souvenir, Pandora, Hard Rock Cafe store and so many others.  Some restaurants are: Bubba Gump, Hard Rock Cafe, Wipe out and many others.   You can also just pick up dessert.  They have a place where you can get a small bucket of mini donuts.  They are made fresh and delicious.   They also have a place where you can get crepes: sweet and savory crepes.  There is also a carousel for the children to ride.  The carousel is also a double carousel.  It was very cool to see.

Another place at Pier 39 is the Aquarium at the Bay.  They have many ocean animals to view. There were sharks, jellyfish, otters, different kinds of fish and many other ocean animals. It is a nice place to visit with children.  We went to the Aquarium and we used a city pass which included the aquarium.



Another popular place is at Pier 39 is to see the sea lions.  There are lots of sea lions that come and visit the pier. They lay, play and talk to one another.  Many people come  to Pier 39 just to see the sea lions.  My son was very excited to see them and we went a few times to visit them.  At times, we saw them swimming in the bay.


At Pier 39, you can catch a cruise around the bay.  We took the Blue and Gold Cruise.  It was an hour long cruise. We learned a lot about San Francisco from the cruise.  We went all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We sailed under it and of course took a lot of photos.   We also went around to Alcatraz Island.  We were able to see both sides of the island.  It was a nice and wonderful cruise.

When visiting San Francisco make sure to wear  layers because it does get cold when there.  We went in April and it was cold.  We were wearing long sleeve and hoodies.


Cape Cod


Cape Cod is 4 hours away from New York City.   It’s a beautiful place to just go and get away.

We stayed in an area called Hyannis.  It is one of the main places in Cape Cod.  There is a stretch of stores and restaurants to eat.  We ate at Torino which was Italian. It was very good and everyone was very nice and welcoming. The other night we ate at British Beer. The food was really good.  We had Cape Cod beer.  I had a Blonde. It was really good.

We went to the Cape Cod Beer factory. They do tours once a day at 11 a.m but we didn’t make it in time for that so you just go for a tour on your own.  It was cool.  We didn’t do a tasting which they have but we just picked one kind of beer to drink.  We went outside to sit and drink it. They had chairs to sit and a food truck if you wanted to eat.

We went to the beach to just walk around.  I found many seashells. The reason is because the night before there was a rain storm so all the seashells were washed up to shore.  It was peaceful to just walk along the beach and feel the wind in your hair.

We went mini golfing and that was so much fun. When you go with friends it’s always an adventure.