Tinkerbell Disney Pandora Bracelet

I’m obsessed with Pandora charms. Every time they come out with new charms, I just want to rush and get new charms.  Well when I read that Pandora is teaming up with Disney, I was in heaven.  I’m a big Disney fan. I have every movie possible.

Disney and Pandora teamed up to come out with charms for 10 years. That’s ten years of Pandora Disney charms to look forward to.   They are releasing charms slowly. A few charms at a time.  I of course love Tinkerbell.  So when they came out with two charms I had to have them. They were so popular that the Pandora stores were sold out of them. I had to wait to get my charms.  I finally did. The murano Tinkerbell was the first charm that I got and I ended up getting two of them plus the one where Tinkerbell is in a star. I also got the Tinkerbell dangle where she is in a heart. The murano bead glows in the dark so that was cool and a nice surprise when I saw my bracelet glowing while somewhere in a dark place.

Now Pandora Disney came out with Tinkerbell’s dress and slipper dangle charms.   Every Disney princess Pandora bead comes with the dress and shoe.  I got my Tinkerbell for Mother’s Day.   Recently Pandora was having a sale that when you spend $100, you can get a leather bracelet for free.  I went for a hunt for a green leather bracelet. I found it and put my Tinkerbell charms on it.  I am beyond obsessed with my Tinkerbell Pandora bracelet.  I can’t wait to see what else Disney Pandora has in store for us Disney fans.  Below is a photo of my Tinkerbell Pandora bracelet.



Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns



October is a wonderful month.  We start to see the changes in the air.  The leaves change colors.  There’s beautiful mums everywhere.  There’s also lots and lots of pumpkins.  October is one of my favorite months because there is so much to do.

Two years ago, we went to Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns for the first time and we fell in love.  It is amazing to see thousands of pumpkins craved and shaved.  It is very artistic to see how creative and how much detail goes into each craved and/or shaved pumpkin.   This year we went for the first time with our son.   We had tickets for 6:45p.m which we ordered months in advanced.  This event sells out very quickly.  They also have Groupon deals at times but its for a later time slot.  We were late to the event but we got right in and we in the 7p.m slot.   There were a lot of people there.  When you enter, they sale food, hot beverages and lots of light up things for kids to wear.  My son got a necklace with jack o’lanterns that light up.  So did my nieces.   We made this event a family event and it was wonderful.  It’s great for young children because it is not scary at all.

I used my phone to check us in which was quick.  Once we were checked in, we continued through the event.  This event is held at Old Westbury Gardens which is beautiful during the spring and summer months.   Once we entered we walked a little bit and that’s when we saw the first of the Jack’s.  It was amazing to see how many craved pumpkins there were.

We entered the cemetery of Jack O’Lanterns first.  Some Jack’s were on the floor and they were lite up.   Then there were Jack’s that were stacked and created to look like a skeleton.  It was amazing to see these because it takes a lot of time for these carves to carve or shave the pumpkins.  Then we saw shaved pumpkins into Peanuts.  Peanuts is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary so they had about 3 pumpkins shaved into different scenes of Peanuts.  On the other side of the road, there were typical horror movie Jack O’ Lanterns from Freddy to Frankenstein. As we continued down the path, we found Sesame Street, Dory (because the movie is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray on November 15th), other Disney movies like Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and so many other Disney movies.  As we continued along the path, we found Superheroes.  These Jack’s were stacked to and shaved to look like Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.  They also created the symbols for Spiderman, Batman and Superman.



Next we entered the path of Dinosaurs.  They stacked pumpkins to look like large dinosaurs. It was amazing to see how high they went with these pumpkins and how they were craved to look like dinosaurs.  They also had the New York Mets, New York Yankees, New York Jets, New York Giants Jack O’Lanterns.   That was the main part of the event.  Next we continued walking and we walked through a forest.  This forest was lit with red and there were Jack O’Lanterns everywhere. Some were placed in-between large branches.

The last part of the event was Star Wars as well as famous people that died during the year.   I can not say enough about this amazing event.   I love this event and look forward to visiting every year with my family and making it a family tradition for the kids.

Pregnant and Disney

image image image image image

Pregnant and Disney was an adventure. I was 6 months, almost 7months, pregnant when we went to Disney.  We went in August so it was very hot and humid. The heat did not bother me as much as the humidity did.  I decided to wear sneakers during the whole trip and I was glad that I did because my feet didn’t swell up as I thought. I made sure to drink lots of water and make sure to find shade and sit while my husband and best friend went on rides that are not recommended for pregnant women.  While in Disney I decided why not take some funny maternity photos to remember this trip by. I cannot wait to show our baby pictures from this trip because they went but will never remember it. The next time to Disney will be with the baby. I did enjoy going on other rides and being a child again. It also made me excited to go to Disney in the future with my baby. I recommend anyone that goes to Disney while pregnant and in the summer to make sure you wear sneakers and keep cool any way that you are able to. I had a fan that sprayed water to help keep me cool. Below is a list of rides not recommended for pregnant women.

Magic kingdom

  1. Space mountain
  2. splash mountain
  3. big thunder mountain
  4. seven dwarfs mine train ride

Hollywood studios

  1. Tower of terror
  2. rockin roller coaster
  3. Star Wars


  1. Mission space
  2. soaring
  3. test track