Heart Reading Pointers

How do you get kindergarteners to want to read? Make them heart pointers.  We have been using our fingers to help them point under the words as they read.  I modeled for them how to read by pointing under the word. As an early childhood educator, you have model everything because they learn this way.   Modeling is key.

My co-teacher thought about using sticks.  I thought maybe adding a star to the stick to excite the children. So, I looked  at the dollar store and couldn’t find any stars but I did find hearts.  I placed these hearts on the sticks. I, of course, had my own to once again model for the students.  It was easy to make and quick. I named these sticks “My Heart reading stick”. I explained to the children that we love to read and it’s important to not skip words when we read because we heart words.  It was a hit with children.


– craft sticks

– heart stickers



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