Calming Bottles

As a special education educator, I always have to find ways to calm our students. I , of course, do my research by looking up ideas on Pinterest. I found this wonderful idea for calming a child down by using calming bottles.  Sometimes our students will have random outbursts for no reason. It’s important to have tools that will allow to our students to calm down in there own way and independently.

It’s very easy to make and it’s quick.  I hope that it works with my students. I can’t wait to share it with them.


– Elmers clear glue

– confetti (I used blue stars)

– glitter

– warm water

– small water bottle (empty)

– glue gun

steps to creating you’re own calming bottle

1. Empty out a small water bottle. I drank the water and saved the bottle. Make sure the bottle is dry.

2. Place glitter and/or confetti inside the bottle.

3. Pour clear glue into the bottle about half way.

4.  Add warm water into the bottle. And close the bottle.

5. Mix  the materials together.

6.  Close the bottle using a glue gun.

7. Place in calming tool box/kit.

Hope this was easy and quick for you as it was for me. Hope this calming bottle idea helps your students.  Happy crafting!!!


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