Retelling in Kindergarten

Retelling is very hard for kindergarten. There are many different parts in retelling. You have the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end.  I try my best to break apart the different parts for my students.  I feel that it is important for children to enjoy reading. So I do a few parts of retelling.  I try to focus on what I feel that they haven’t mastered and then work on a new skill.

I thought about what motivates my kindergarteners.  In writing, many of my students write about taking the train places with their families.  So I thought about creating an anchor chart using trains  for retelling. I named it ” All Aboard the Retelling Train”. Each part of the train is a different part of retell.  Check out my photo of my anchor chart.

As I teach my lessons that focus of retelling a story, I refer to my chart. I like to work on one part first and do a think aloud. After, I have the students do their own where they think about a part of the train and then share with their partners. I feel it is important to have students share with their partners because this allows them to share their thoughts with someone other than the teacher.

I hope this inspires you. You may use this anchor chart to motivate your kindergarteners. Happy planning!!!!



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