Retelling with important events

As a kindergarten teacher, you need to be very creative in all that you do. Children need to be motivated. Retelling is a hard concept for five year olds. I know that five year old children love ice cream. I created this scoops of important events chart. Each scoop is a different event that occurs first, next, then and last. The cone is the start of retelling important events.

While reading a book to the class, I stopped and did a think aloud for what happened first that was important.  The scoop that was next, I had the children share with their partners.  And we continued until we got to last.  Since my classroom is a co-teaching room, my partner used a dry erase board and marker and labeled each part: first, next, then and last. She then drew each part as we said it. This helped the children focus on the important events of the book.  We also referred to the chart as we were working on it as a class.

I also made scoops of important events for each group table. When we do independent work, each member of a group will get a scoop and they will state what important event occurred during which scoop they get. For example, if there are four members in a group, each member gets a scoop. If that person has first, they share with their group what important event occurred first in the story.

It’s important to engage your students because that’s how they learn. It’s important also to use things that will inspire children and help them remember what you teach them. Happy planning!



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