Breastfeeding 11 months and 2 weeks

As the countdown to one year begins, I noticed that I am not producing milk as much as I did before.  I had to stop breastfeeding my son a month ago but I continued to pump.   My goal to breastfeed was 1 year.  I am sadden that I am not able to breastfeed and/pump anymore.  I almost hit the 1 year mark.  I was 2 weeks shy of hitting a year.  I know that I shouldn’t feel bad because I did breastfeed for a while. I set a goal for myself and I wished that I was able to reach it.  I still do have breast milk to last another month because I pumped into freezer bags.  But I am still sadden by it.   It doesn’t help being a working mom and all the stresses that I get from my job.  I was close to meeting my goal which makes me very happy.   I now look forward seeing the growth of my son and changes that will occur.  I know that I did my best and that’s all that matters.


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