Reused candle jars

I love candles and I buy a lot of them. As an educator I also get a lot of candles as gifts.   I have candles for every holiday and season.  After they burn,    I love to reuse them.   What I do is, I place the burned out candle jar into the freezer and let it sit there for a day. You can take it out after a few hours.   Once I have left my jars in the freezer, I boil water and then place the boiling water into the jar.  The wax comes up and I let it sit so the wax can get hard again.  If you take it out before letting the wax redry then it will be liquid.

I love crafting so I use the candle jars for storage.  It allows me to see what materials I have.  Some of the things that I have in my jars are: crayons,  crafting scissors, colored pencils, sequence, paper clips, clips, Pom pins,etc.  Resuing materials is great because then there is less garage.  Try to reuse as much as you can. It will make the Earth a better place.

Below is the photo of some of the things that are in my candle jars.  Hope this inspires you start your own reused jars storage.



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