Halloween Mesh Wreath

I enjoy decorating for every single holiday.  October is one of my favorite holidays to decorate both inside and outside of the house.

I love decorating my front door.  One way in which I do that is through wreaths.  I made my Halloween mesh wreath a few years ago.  I of course get my ideas from Pinterest and then try to make them my own after.


  • circle ring
  • black mesh
  • spider rings
  • wooden letters – b and 2 o’s
  • arcylic paint- orange
  • twist ties
  • glue gun
  • glue


  1.  Paint the letters b and o with orange acrylic paint.
  2. While,  the letters are drying, start creating the wreath using the circle ring and black mesh.  I use twist ties to help keep the mesh in place.
  3. Go around the circle ring twice with the mesh and use the twist tie to hold it in place.
  4. Once you have the circle ring covered with the mesh ring, take some spider rings and place them around on the mesh.  They will stay on because they can attach to the mesh.
  5. when the letters are dry, place the letters on top of one another. Use a glue gun to keep the letter together.
  6. Once the letters are dry, place them in the center of the wreath.  I once again used twist ties to keep the letters in place.
  7. You are done. Decorate your beautiful door with you’re new mesh wreath.

Here is a picture of mine.


I hope this inspires you to make your owe. Be creative and have fun!


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