30th Birthday Bucket List

I will be 30 next year and as I am reflecting on the many things and places I have visited so far, it made me think about what else I would want to do.  On Pinterest I pin many different places that I want to visit as well as many things that I might want.   I wanted to come up with a list of things that can be done by the time I’m 30.   My other bucket list is more for traveling.

As I think about what I would want to do before I turn 30. Below is my bucket list of things that I wish or want to get done by the time I’m 30.

1. Ride in a hot air balloon

2. Run a 5k

3.  Declutter my things- clothes, books, papers

4. Get my drivers’s license

5. Visit a new waterfall

6. Organize my photos.

As the year goes by I will be adding things that I can by the time that I’m 30.  This bucket list is one that can be changed and fixed. These things are possible to accomplish. It is important that you create a list you will be able to complete because if you don’t then you will have a list that will never be finished.  Hope this inspires you to create your own bucket list.



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