World Map

My husband and I love to travel.  I love to make scrapbooks of everything and I love to save things from trips.  I love to collect magnets from all the places that I have been.  I also love to decorate.  Over the summer, I was looking through Pinterest to find some ideas.  I couldn’t find anything that I liked.

I continued my search and found maps on Amazon and groupon. I wanted to pick up a map with pins in order to pin all the places that’s we have been.  I searched and finally found a world map on Groupon.  I picked up 3 different colored pins: blue, orange and red.   Once my world map came that’s when I started pinning all the places we have been.  My husband and j decided which colored pins we wanted.  I picked red for all the places that I have been. He picked blue. The orange pins are for all the places that we went together.

The next problem was all the magnets. Our son is in his walking and touching everything.  He started taking my magnets off my fridge. I knew now that it was time to figure out and move them.  I could not find any ideas.  Then when I went to my mothers house. I found my idea.  My mother just like me loves to collect magnets.  She has more than I do.  What she did with her magnets was hang them up. The way which she did it was with a magnet strip and just placed all the magnets there.  My husband and I went to Lowes and picked two magnet strips.  We decided to hang our magnets by: one row of magnets with places from the US and Canada and the other magnet strip with places likes Europe, Caribbean and Asia.

We have our magnet strips above our world map of pins.  Every day that I look at the world map, I keep thinking of all the places that I still need to experience and travel to.  I hope this inspires you to make your own world map of pins!! Travel the world!


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