Toronto is located 2 hours from Niagara Falls. It is a major city in Ontario.  It was a nice day trip to go and visit.  We were staying in Niagara Falls and we drove up to Toronto.  If I have to compare the city, I would compare it to New York City because it has the tourist things to do and it is a city that people work in.  The main coffee place in Canada was Tim Hortons. The coffee was good as were the donuts. That’s what we had from them.

The first stop in Toronto was the CN tower. It’s a tower that you get to see the view of the city. The thing that I loved in the CN Tower was the glass floor. We were able to see thousands of feet below us. My son enjoyed it as well. The view from the top was amazing.


The second stop in Toronto was the aquarium.  It was packed with a lot of people because it is was the summer time and we also went at about 11 pm.  The aquarium was amazing. It was one of the best ones that I have seen. The tanks were so clean.  There was a part of the aquarium that had a people walker. It allowed you to enjoy the aquarium and the fish more.  It was moving slow so you were able to see all the coral, fish, Sharks, turtles, sting rays and so many other things.  I would definitely go to this aquarium.

The third stop in Toronto was Casa Loma. This was a beautiful home.  It also was crowded because it was the summer.  There were so many people there that they ran out of self guided tour headphones. We walked around the house and just enjoyed the beautiful house.  It was hard to know what the house was all about because there wasn’t much to read.  We read certain things about the house.

That was all that we did in Toronto because it was crowded.  It was enough for me and the baby. When traveling with a 9 month old is not easy but you can do it.  We got to see the beauty of a city other than New York City.


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