Stony Brook State Park



Stony Brook State Park is located in Dansville, New York. From New York City it is about a 4 hour drive.  It has many hills as well as stairs. They have a natural swimming pool. The pool is water that comes from the waterfalls in the park. It was the first one that I have seen. When we went in August,the water temperature was 57 degrees Fahrenheit. They had different levels like four feet until about 8 feet. There were many people coming to enjoy the natural swimming pool.  We continued to walk the trail for a little bit. It happened to be very hot and humid that day. We saw a few waterfalls but they were not as powerful. The reason could be because of the lack of rain. We haven’t had much rain this summer just a few rain showers here and there.  We took our 9 month old son on this hike. I used a carrier and carried him on my back. It was easy to walk with him.  Our son was looking at the waterfalls and streams.  The beauty of nature is so amazing. When you leave the city, you get to experience so much.  Nature itself is so beautiful. It is full of life.  I enjoy going to nature hikes because it allows me to appreciate nature more. Living in the city all you see are cars and buildings. Don’t get me wrong, buildings also have their beauty but being one with nature is amazing.  The hike relaxed me.  I hope you visit Stony Brook State park it is a gem in upstate New York.


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