Virgin Gorda



Virgin Gorda is the second largest British Virgin Island.  It is a beautiful island.  This island has a national park called The Baths.  The national park has three parts to it: the Baths, Cave and Devils Bay’s.  In order to get to The Baths you have to go through about a ten minute walk. This walk is not easy.  You walk on dirt as well as rocks and some tree stumps. Make sure that you wear water shoes when you go to this National Park.  Also make sure to have water with you because it is a Caribbean island so it will be hot and you will need to drink your water.  Make sure to also take your time going through this path and just enjoy the scenery.  The first stop is the Baths but we did not go to The Baths.  It is a beach with huge boulders.  These boulders are believed to be volcanic rocks.  They are huge but an amazing view.  We went to the caves.  The caves you are not allowed to enter after 4:30 p.m.  I do not really know why, we did this part of the tour on our own.  The first part of the caves you need to get through 2 boulders very close to one another. My husband who is 6 feet tall had to crawl in order to get through.  It is a tough part of the National Park.  It is important that you are in good health to do the caves part of this National Park.  Once you get past these two boulders, you walk into the caves which are amazing.  When you look up, there are boulders everywhere. They are placed on top of one another. It is amazing how nature has places this boulders together to create these caves.




As you continue walking through the caves, make sure that you are wearing your water shoes because you have to climb boulders which are slippery and thin stairs.  Once again make sure that you are in good health condition.  It will be a challenge if you are not.  Once you leave the caves, you walk through boulders which are under a foot to 3 feet of water.  Make sure you are careful because these boulders are slippery.  Also if you are short like I am, make sure that anything that can not get wet should not.  I was in waist high water.  Once you get through the caves and climbing over boulders you get to Devil’s Bay.


Devil’s Bay is a beautiful beach.  You are in a small beach covered with boulders everywhere you look. It is the most amazing tour which I did.  The beauty of this National Park is beyond words as well as photographs.  The water is crystal clear.



Once you are ready to leave this beauty, you have to walk back to the start.  This walk is about 15 minutes.  Make sure that you are cooled off from Devil’s Bay and make sure you have more water. This walk back was very tiring and hard to do in the heat.  We stopped a few times in order to rest because it was hot and with the sun shining on you it does not help your walk.  There are many cacti a.  Once we got back to the start, there was water and rum punch waiting for us.


  1. Water shoes or climbing shoes
  2. water camera
  3. Backpack- if you want to carry anything valuable, I would recommend a backpack. It is easier to walk around with.
  4. water

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