My husband and I just got back from a cruise to the Caribbean. It was amazing. Our 8 month old son came with us and it was just amazing. We love to cruise!

As I was sitting and just watching the waters it was nice to not think about anything. Every day we have all these worries that get in the way of us just sitting and relaxing.  As I was staring into the ocean I was at peace. I haven’t felt this way in a while and it was just so peaceful to sit and think about all the wonderful things in my life.  Sometimes we just need to get away and remember why we have all the things that we do. We go through life in a rush. There’s always a bill to pay or an event to go to.  Just watching the ocean and seeing nothing but water, helped me come back and be in tune with everything that I had.  It was nice to just sit and stare at the beautiful and peaceful ocean.

Here are some photos to help you relax and think about what you are most grateful for in life.


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