Photography Poem

We are writing poems in class with my kindergartens.  It’s amazing to see how these students grew from the start of September to now in June.  We have taught them skills that they need in order to write and they are growing and writing so well.  We used Douglas Forian’s poems as models to help them write their own poems.  As we modeled his poems, we also wrote our own poems to show them that it is not hard to write poems.  My poem was about photography because it is something I love and enjoy doing.  I also love to take lots of photos of my travels as well as important things in my life. Here is my poem on photography.



Capture it.

Click it.

Zoom in.

Zoom out.

Snap it.

Flash it.

Smile for it.

Frame it.

Preserve it.

Keep it.

Scrapbook with it.

Decorate with it.


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