Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day comes around every May. We celebrate our mothers who have done so much for us every single day. This one special day is a celebration of our mothers and all that they have done for us. Not only  do we celebrate our mothers but also grandmothers and aunts. Both grandmothers and aunts hold special places in our hearts because they are our second mothers because they do so much for us and love us just as much as our own mothers.  Our son has had so many wonderful female role models that every one that is our friend is an aunt to him.  For Mother’s Day I made sure to honor the women that are there for him everyday like his godmother, aunt and grandmothers. I didn’t know what to get his grandmother and aunt because they are both mothers and a grandmother already. I wanted to get them something special that they can treasure.  Our sons godmother received flowers and chocolate strawberries.  Both his grandmothers received a frame. See the photo below.

Its a general frame for more than one grand child. I didn’t want anyone to feel upset because there are always going to be more than one grandchild in our family.  I placed a photo in the frame of our son and their grandmother to make it more personal.

For our sons aunt I also got a frame but it had sayings about what an aunt is. See the photo below.

It’s important to honor all the specia women that make our lives so much better. I hope this idea inspires you for a Mother’s Day gift idea.


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