Another 60th Birthday Basket Idea

Another 60th birthday has arrived in our family.  This is the second one of three.  It’s fun to come up with these ideas because every one is unique and special in every way.  For my husband’s uncle’s 60th birthday, we had to come up with 60 things but this time we had to help of my brother in law and his wife.  We only had to come up with 30 things and his brother picked up the other 30 things.   This is a good idea when you are planning on getting family members gifts.   As the years have gone we noticed various things that he liked: chocolate, cookies, cheeses, meats and sweets.   These were the things that we knew that his uncle would like.  So when the time came to pick up things for his 60th birthday, it was easy to get.   We used the same basket as the one that we used for my father’s 60th birthday because it was large and it fit some many different things.

We went on our way to pick up 30 things and so did my brother in law.  When it was time to come together to put it together, we noticed that we pretty much got his uncle the same things because we know him this well.   Here is a list of things that we placed in the 60th birthday basket:

  1. Chocolates– We got bars of chocolate with different flavors.  We also picked up Hershey kisses.
  2. Crackers– We picked up a few boxes of Keebler crackers as well as Wheat Thins.  We picked up the plain Keebler crackers.
  3. Cheeses– We picked up different cheeses. We know that he enjoys eating cheeses so we picked up a variety of them.
  4. Meats– We picked different meats like salami.  This way he was able to use the crackers, cheeses and meats and just munch on them.
  5. Cookies– We picked up a variety of cookies. Some of the cookies were: Chips Ahoy!, Oreo, Goldfish,…etc.
  6. Nuts– My brother in law picked up a variety of nuts.Some of the places that we picked up these items were: Target, Walmart and BJs.  It was great to see the look on his face when he received the basket.  See the photo below.  I hope this inspires you to create a basket for someone special in your life 🙂

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