6 months Birthday

Our baby boy turned 6 months old.  I still can’t believe that our baby boy is 6 months old.  These past 6 months have been full of adventures, challenged and sacrifices.  Working full time and breastfeeding have been challenging but it’s worth everything.  I am providing everything for our son so that our son has a great life and gets  to experience things that I didn’t.


These past 6 months I have learned to love another person more than life itself. My son has taught we all these lessons in just 6 months. One lesson which I learned is to cherish the small moments.  The small moments are the ones that we remember over the big moments. The small moments are the ones that teach us life lessons.  Every moment with our baby boy is special and adventurous.  I have learned to experience things in a new light.  I have loved every minute and moment with our son.   I love watching our son development into a toddler. He is reaching milestones and I love seeing them.  From doing tummy time, to reading books together to starting to sit up on his own. It’s amazing how a baby develops.  As an educator, I noticed and watch milestones of older children.  It’s so special to see milestones with our son because you don’t really notice how a child develops until you have your own.

For our son’s 6 month birthday, I had a baseball theme. It was hard to find things for 1/2 birthday.  I found one onesie on Amazon.com and it was baseball theme. My husband and I are huge Yankees fans.  I made a half baseball cake for my husband and I to eat.  We had a great time celebrating these past 6 months of our boy’s life. He has taught us many things and we can’t wait to see what our next adventure brings us with our son.




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