Pregnancy announced

A year ago, we announced that we were pregnant to our family.  I still can’t believe that it’s been a year since we found out that we were expecting a baby. We went to the doctor first and made sure that everything was okay and that we were really pregnant.  After the doctors appointment we went to Hallmark and picked up two frames and two cards for the grandparents.  The doctor gave us sonogram pictures for both grandparents. I already knew how to announce our pregnancy to our parents. I’ve been planning it for years.   Each set of grandparents received a card that announced that they are going to be grandparents. Into the frame I placed the sonogram picture. The frame had a saying which said Tiny Miracle. We placed these items into a bag and gave it to our mothers.  For my parents, we asked if we could come over since we were in the area. My mother opened the frame first and her reaction was priceless because she asked right away when is the baby due. As a first time grandparent it was a different reaction because she’s very down to earth and just was very casual about it. My in-laws as well as husbands brother and uncles were invited for dinner on a Sunday. My sister in law was also pregnant with my second niece and she told us on New Year’s Day that they were expecting. I wanted to do something different when I announced to his family since this was the 3rd pregnancy for my husbands parents. After we ate, my husband gave his mother the frame and card in the bag. She opened the bag and was shocked and didn’t know if we were playing a game or a joke of her. She looked at me and I nodded my head that yes indeed it was what she was seeing. She screamed and so did my sister in law.  The whole family was just so excited. My husband uncle said that he knew that something was up because we never invite them over lol. I thought that was funny. This was my idea of annoucing our pregnancy to our family in a different way. Hope this inspires you with your pregnancy announcement to family.



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