First Easter

On Sunday we celebrated our first Easter with our sweet baby boy.  Our first Easter was wonderful because we spent it with our families.  In the morning, we spent time with my family because in Polish traditions we eat a traditional Polish breakfast.  This traditional Polish breakfast starts with the sharing of a blessed egg. The egg is cut into pieces and each person takes one.  We say something that we wish for and usually the hostess says this saying.  Once we eat the piece of egg, we get to cut meats and an egg into a bowl for a special soup.  This special soup is called White Borscht. Into the White Borscht, we cut different meats which have been blessed on Holy Saturday. Some of these meats are various kinds of kielbasa.  Once the meats and eggs are in the bowl, we pour the White Borscht in.  After our White Borscht, we just relax for the rest of the day and enjoy time with our families.  My family we eat some baked sweets.  There are many different kinds of baked sweets that we eat that are traditional like the Babaka.  I made non-traditional Polish baked sweets.  See the photos below of the sweets that I baked.




Some of the sweets that I baked were a cookie fudge with Peeps on it. I found this wonderful step by step video which showed me how to make it, a bunny cake and Italian sweet bread.  I was always curious to see why Italians eat this Italian sweet bread.  It looked so pretty so I decided to look up a recipe online and made my first Italian sweet bread.  It didn’t take long to make but the wait for the dough to rise was the longest.


After Polish breakfast with my parents, we went to visit my husband’s side of the family. There we have traditional Italian Easter. Traditional Italian Easter is risotto, vegetables and a glazed ham.  We also had more sweets this day.


We had a wonderful time celebrating our first Easter with our sweet boy because it was an experience with both families.  The grandparents were in heaven because they had their grandson to share their traditions with and they are also able to share their traditions for the first time again but with a grandchild.   While with both families, I kept thinking about how Easter and every holiday we celebrate will be special because children bring joy and cheer into our world. They allow us to forget the troubles of our day for just a few hours when we see them smile or hold your finger. It’s important to share traditions with your children/grandchildren because it gives these traditions more meaning to the family and allows for these traditions to be passed down from generation to generation.


One Easter tradition which I love is the Easter basket. Even though I am an adult with my own child, my mom still gives me something on Easter. It happens to be chocolate but it is something that makes me feel remembered.  I get to share this tradition with my son as the years go by but this year, his Easter basket had things that he will use in the coming months.  We got him a summer pool to sit in and play, shoes, a rubber ducky and a board book to read.  I hope these traditions you can use and make them your own.  🙂


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