Blessing of the Easter Basket

Today is Holy Saturday in the Catholic faith.  Today is a day in which we prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus. In Poland, many Poles go to bless an Easyer basket with all the food that will be eaten on Easter morning.  This is one of my favorite Polish traditions and I was excited to share it with my son for the first time.

Last year at this time, I was pregnant and didn’t tell anyone yet. I went to bless my Easter basket and watched all the little children holding their own Easter basket which was prepared by their parents. I kept thinking that I was excited to do the same thing the following year. I got to experience blessing the Easter basket this year. The baby was asleep the whole time but it was a special moment for me to share a tradition that he will experience the rest of his life.

Traditonal Polish Easter baskets have the following things inside: dyed eggs, water, bread, babka, butter, various meats, and salt. These all have meaning as to why they are placed in the Easter basket.  The eggs represent the coming of something new.  Butter represents being ready for what will come. Salt which represents our basic needs and the meats represent Jesus.   Our Easter baskets are decorated with ribbons and greens. Mine this year were not.

Blessing of the Easter basket allow us to think about all the good that we have gotten and will get over the next year. These are just some of the things that Holy Saturday represents to the Polish people. I am honored to share it for the first time with our son and I can not wait to keep sharing this tradition with him as he grows up.  I look forward to teaching him about our Polish traditions.


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