Easter Baby Photoshoot

As Easter is on it’s way, I was ready to take Easter baby photos.  While shopping (like I did for every holiday) I looked around for simple things to use.  Some of the things which I found to use as props were: board signs, bunny ears,  plastic eggs and chicks (which hop). These were the only props that I used for my baby’s Easter photoshoot.  Some of the other things that I used were a blanket and laundry basket.  I also had one onesie that I asked for the baby shower which said “chicks are all over me”. As I was registering for baby essentials, that was one of the things that I registered for were Holliday onesies.

Here are some tips when talking baby photos when the baby is starting to be more alert like my baby boy is:

  1. Make sure you already fed the baby ( a hungry baby will be very fussy and will not want to take photos)
  2. make sure after you feed the baby that you wait a little bit so that the baby does not spit up all over themselves.
  3. Make sure the baby napped ( if the baby did not nap and you want to take photos that require the baby to be awake, they will be fussy and not want to take any photos for you)

One of the photos which I took was filling the laundry basket with plastic eggs. I placed the baby in the laundry basket which a blanket in it and then I put the plastic eggs all over him.  At first the baby was crying and scared and that was because he was sleepy and hungry. When I re-did the photo, I made sure to place the eggs a few at a time so that he would not cry. See the photo below.

The other photos which I took were with the Easter onesie and the chicks. I also had a crochet chick hat which my mother in-law made him.  Everything was themed as chicks.  See the photo below.



I had had a wonderful time taking Easter photos with my baby boy. I hope these photos inspire you to take you’re own Easter photos of your children.  Happy photo taking 😀


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