Ocean Theme Nursery and Decor

Ever get an idea but can’t find ideas? Here is what I did when I picked a nursery theme that did not have many tips! We bought a house before we got pregnant. We painted the spare room or the baby’s nursery a neutral color. The color we chose was coral.  When I got pregnant, I wanted to make sure that my nursery was neutral.  I did not want the room to have a boy or girl theme so I decided on an ocean theme.  As I was doing my research, it was hard to find ideas online.  There wasn’t much for me to find to get ideas.  I started thinking about my own ideas.  I decided on creating the alphabet with seashells.  I bought wooden letters for each letter of the alphabet.  For each letter I glued a seashell. The letters were painted with orange acrylic paint.  After the alphabet dried, I placed them where the crib was going. See the photo below.



The room is small so I wanted to get the most space. The crib was a two in one.  The crib also grows with the baby.  The crib has an attached changing table. It also has lot of storage space. One drawer has diapers and the other drawer has blankets and crib sheets.  On the side of the changing table, I have lotions, wipes and diaper pail bags. I was able to use the crib to store a lot of things that I needed for the baby and everything was easy access.  See the alphabet and crib below.  I find a Baby Einstein ocean mobile and was lucky to have someone buy it for me for the baby shower. It has four different kinds of ocean animals: octopus, sea star, fish and sea turtle.  The baby enjoys looking at it and talks to the animals at times.  I also requested a activity pack which was ocean theme. It is a turtle that grows with the baby. It’s also a ball pit for when the baby gets older so that he can sit and play with it. It’s amazing to watch the baby play in the activity pack.

I placed many different kinds of ocean animal decals around the whole room.  Some of these ocean animals were: whales, seashells, dolphins, fish, shrimp, crabs, octopus, and a shark.  Below are some photos of walls and the decals.  I made sure to make the room very friendly and child friendly.


In one corner, I have a rocking chair which is where I feed the baby.  This is where we bond together. Above the chair, I have stuffed animals in a storage net.  This storage net holds lot of stuffed animals. It is able to open up to 6 feet long.  The baby has a lot of stuffed animals that they did not fit in the net. I have some on the small bookcase and around the chair.  The small bookcase has board books to read for night time.  Some of the books are classic stories that I read as a child like Dirty Harry. It is important to read to your child every day and to have books handy next to you for any time.  I hope this inspires you to create your own ocean theme nursery.  This nursery can be used for both girls and boys. Happy decorating 🙂



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