Decorating with photos

I love to take photographs of many different things. When I travel I take lots of photographs to save all the memories that I made on my trip.  I also take photographs with my loved ones to remember that special moment in time.  My husband says that I take too many photographs but I enjoy doing that and I cherish every photo that I take. I use my photographs to decorate my house with. From creating scrapbook albums to hanging up photographs on my walls.   Decorating with photos is fun and easy.  In my house, we had lots of enough walls, so I started looking for frames that would create a wonderful decoration.   In my living room, I used a hanging frame with 5 photos on each side.  In the middle I needed some kind of frame with photos as well.  I looked on Pinterest to gather some ideas that would help me fill up the wall space.  One idea that I found was to have four photos of myself and my husband during the four seasons  in our first year of marriage.  I was excited to create this kind of frame because I love my husband of 3 years now more than anything else. We have been together for 11 years and counting.  On my frame I used scrapbook stickers to represent each season.  The stickers were as follows spring (flowers), fall (leaves), summer (seashells) and winter (snowflakes).   For each of photos I places the stickers around that photo.  Around the frame I wrote “A love for all seasons”.  These photos represent our first year as husband and wife and one single moment that meant something. See the photo below.


Surrounding my frame of love for all seasons I have my hanging frames.  My hanging frames represent 10 photos of our friends and family that mean everything to use.  We have photos that represent a single moment that was special.   In between my love for all seasons frame and hanging frame, I had some space so I found a wall decal quote. The quote states “Home where the happiest memories are made”.



I also decorate my home not just on the walls but on my end tables.  My end tables have frames with our engagement photos and wedding photos.  One of the frames which I have is not a frame but a glass shadow box. In this glass shadow box, I have a photo from our wedding as well as my flowers from my bouquet.  I do not like to throw things away because of the memory they hold so I had to figure out a way to keep my flowers. I dried up the flower.  In the glass shadow box, I have a photo from our wedding day, decorating rocks (from the dollar store), and my dried up flowers.  I wanted to use the colors from our wedding, so I found a mesh blue ribbon.  I glued the mesh blue ribbon around the glass shadow box and made a bow on the top.  See the photo below.  It was a fun way of storing a special and important memory.



I hope these photos help to inspire your own decorating with photos. Happy decorating!


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