Cherishing the small moments

The saying “Cherish the small moments” is true.  Many people just live day by day. Our life gets in the way.  We wake up go to work, come home, cook dinner, get ready for the next day, sleep and repeat. There isn’t a moment to relax and breathe.  Before you know it we are too old to do things and/or we miss many small important moments in our lives.  The day of my wedding and after, my mom said to me that she did not know where the time went.  I grew up before her eyes and she got older.  My parents worked hard to give us everything that we needed as well as wanted. They continue to work and miss out on the small moments that life offers them.  Yes, we went on vacations once a year and celebrated many holidays.  I look back on those vacations, holidays and celebrations and smile because they meant so much to just enjoy our time together.

Now that I have my own son and I’m working full time, I miss many moments with my son.  My mom watches my son and tells me all the things that my son does.  I feel sad and wonder want I can do to enjoy time with my son.  One thing that I have done is not bring work home. As a teacher, my day does not end at 3pm. I have to bring work home so that I am able to finish and be ready for the next day.  I go to work early to finish and be ready for my day that way when I get home I get to enjoy my small moments with my son.   These small moments are special to me because I get to watch my son grow and change with the days.  Our small moments in our lives make our lives better and they are the ones which we will remember. From a simple smile to a hug.  Learn to just enjoy the small things that your life has to offer you because you never know when it will be your last day. Make the most of your days 🙂


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