St.Patrick’s Day

As February is coming to a close, I started looking for ideas for St. Patrick’s Day photos. I’m not one to spend money of getting professional photos done because I am able to take my kind of photos. I feel they come out nice and its a lot cheaper to do them myself.   I went shopping for all the outfits already and was ready to come up with some ideas.  My husband is part Irish so it is important for me to keep the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day so that our son grows up to know it.  My mother in-law makes the traditional food for St. Patrick’s Day and once the baby is able to eat the food, he will.  Having the baby so little and young allows me to continue taking photos of him.  He is not able to protest me yet lol.  My mother in-law crocheted me a hat and I used that as one of my props.  Some other props which I used were Lucky Charms, St. Patrick’s Day onesies, St. Patrick’s Day board decorations.  Simple things that I was able to find at the local grocery store and TJMaxx.  Below are some photos which I took of the baby for his St. Patrick’s Day photoshoot.  I hope they inspire you take your own St. Patrick’s Day photos.  Please look forward to Easter photos next 🙂




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