Baby Shower <3

My baby shower was in September 2015 and I’m just reminiscing about the wonderful event which helped us welcome our sweet baby boy. Our baby shower was co-ed because we wanted to include all the people that mattered the most to us and that included both men and women. There is nothing wrong with having a co-ed baby shower because the men are just as important in the baby’s life just as women are. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I started thinking of a neutral baby shower theme.  I didn’t want the theme to be gender oriented and I looked through Pinterest for ideas.  I came across the theme of rubber ducky.  I fell in love with the theme and that’s when the ideas started flowing.  I wanted  rubber ducks everywhere.   My best friend ordered the most wonderful and amazing cake I have ever seen. I fell in love with the cake and didn’t even want to cut it.  Below is a photo of it.


While planning the baby shower because I was in on it and wanted to be part of the whole process, I was told by a friend to make sure that I put a lot of diapers on the registry.  The reason is because you go through diapers a lot with a newborn and they are expensive.  So I decided on having diaper raffle. Each person that attended the baby shower was to bring a package of diapers along with a diaper raffle and we would have prizes. We had 4 prizes for 4 people. We wanted to be fair so we have 2 women and 2 men win the raffles.  We had the guests place their gifts and diapers on a separate table.  The table also had a special umbrella. This umbrella was used at my bridal shower and when I got pregnant my mother-in law added blue ribbon on the umbrella to represent that the baby was a boy. It is a special umbrella and I couldn’t image my baby shower without it. On the gift table, I created signs for everyone and these signs were placed in frames. One sign said gifts and the other one said diaper raffle with a bag to place the raffles in.


We also had a candy bar which was my best friends idea.  The candy bar had various kinds of candy: Hershey Kisses, flavored popcorn, gummy worms, cookies, M&Ms and cake pops. She created this amazing table that featured a diaper cake which my mother-in law made for me.


We were very blessed to receive so many gifts as well as diapers.  Before the baby shower occurred, we created the baby registry.  We made sure to register for things that we needed and only a few things that we wanted. Here is a list of things that you need:

  1. stroller
  2. infant car seat
  3. baby bottles (3-5)
  4. breast bump
  5. car seat (for when the baby gets older)
  6. crib sheets (2-3)
  7. mattress pad
  8. bouncer
  9. pack and play
  10. bibs (3-4; people will give you a lot more)
  11. blankets (2)
  12. breast bump freezer bags (great to have)
  13. undershirts (3; one for each size (3 months, 6 months and 9 months))
  14. thermometer
  15. first safety aid kit
  16.  high chair
  17. activity pad
  18. sleepers
  19. sleeper bag (great to put the baby in when they sleep at night)
  20. mobile

We registered for these things and received them. We also registered for things that we would use in the future like: a potty, step stool, toy storage, books, toys, sippy cups, plates and bowls, and clothes in various sizes. We did not register for newborn things because we did not want to have so many of those things because the baby out grows it. We registered for many things that we 3 to 12 months old.  I wanted to make sure that I had a little bit of everything for the baby and it would help us out for the future.  I did receive many things that were not on a registry but we were grateful for it all because we were able to use it all.  It is important when planning a baby shower to think about what you need because then you will have too many things that you will end up getting rid of.

I hope you enjoyed the read about my baby shower and it helped you plan yours.


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