As I sit and watch my sleeping baby, I’m thankful for becoming his mother. My baby boy was born November 6th and it was an adventure. When I went into labor it was just a waiting game for when my son arrived.  Labor was an experience and one that I will write about next.  These past 2 months have been a wonderful experience and adventure as I watch my baby boy grow daily. From the first moments that he was born to his everyday movements. My baby boy has taught me that we need to be thankful for all the moments that we receive. It’s amazing to watch him grow daily because I know that I’m helping him grow in the process.

Motherhood is a challenge especially for a working mom. Everyday I have to leave my son to continue working as an educator and educate other children. I’m missing his waking hours and all the things that he does as he grows.  When I get home, my day consists of feeding him, pumping for the next day, bathing him, getting myself ready for the next day and going to sleep. I get a few hours a day with my baby boy and it’s hard on me. Motherhood is a challenge that is a wonderful adventure that I get experience. My blog will now focus on the adventures of motherhood and the challenges that come along the way.




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