Pregnant and Disney

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Pregnant and Disney was an adventure. I was 6 months, almost 7months, pregnant when we went to Disney.  We went in August so it was very hot and humid. The heat did not bother me as much as the humidity did.  I decided to wear sneakers during the whole trip and I was glad that I did because my feet didn’t swell up as I thought. I made sure to drink lots of water and make sure to find shade and sit while my husband and best friend went on rides that are not recommended for pregnant women.  While in Disney I decided why not take some funny maternity photos to remember this trip by. I cannot wait to show our baby pictures from this trip because they went but will never remember it. The next time to Disney will be with the baby. I did enjoy going on other rides and being a child again. It also made me excited to go to Disney in the future with my baby. I recommend anyone that goes to Disney while pregnant and in the summer to make sure you wear sneakers and keep cool any way that you are able to. I had a fan that sprayed water to help keep me cool. Below is a list of rides not recommended for pregnant women.

Magic kingdom

  1. Space mountain
  2. splash mountain
  3. big thunder mountain
  4. seven dwarfs mine train ride

Hollywood studios

  1. Tower of terror
  2. rockin roller coaster
  3. Star Wars


  1. Mission space
  2. soaring
  3. test track

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